Patterns Galore!

Shortly after I decided to plan and sew an anniversary dress that featured design elements of my wedding dress, McCalls had a clearance/out-of-print pattern sale.

I really wanted a pattern with an illusion neckline to allude to the sheer sleeves of my wedding dress. Here is what I bought.


I love the bodice shaping on this dress. But the bow thing is so weird. I have yet to see a version online where they added the bow. Most omit it. I would too.


This one is okay. The bodice doesn’t have the detail of the other. I might make it for another project. I just think I’m pretty sold on the first one for the anniversary dress project.


This grouping I chose in my quest to make more knitwear, and cropped trousers, and another elusive “every day dress”.


These patterns are the result of hubby and I researching vacation destinations for our 20th anniversary next year. I think we are sold on Iceland. No, not Ireland.

Anyway as soon I am start planning a trip I start planning my wardrobe. These seem like outfits I could sew and wear in Iceland.

Do you plan your sewing in advance? Or on a whim? Or a mix, like me?

Spending the next couple days in San Francisco! Loving the weather!

13 thoughts on “Patterns Galore!

  1. Iceland sounds amazing! I have the Katherine Tilton pattern and the McCalls with the illusion neckline. I think I am going to sew the Tilton skirt first in a black ponte. Did you see the new Cinema dress pattern just released from Oliver and S? The Vogue patterns #1264 and #8641 look awesome! I love looking at patterns. I plan like crazy and then the rest seems to happen organically.

  2. I am really bad for just sewing on a whim – I am terrible at planning. Have you seen Victory patterns Ava – would that work?
    Iceland is amazing. My husband and I have been there one and would both love to go back. Good choice!

  3. I’m a mix of planning & on the whim sewing. My niece was just married in Iceland! Unfortunately I couldn’t go, but her photos are amazing!!

  4. I looked at the top pattern and I thought… oooh… pretty neckline… WTF are those tabs? Do we really need another set of poofy things under our breasts? Totally had me confused. But without that bow-thing, it would be my pick too.

  5. Nice post with lots of interesting patterns. And I love the idea of making an anniversary dress that references your wedding dress. I am just planning (yes I am one of them) a Christening robe and it occurred to me that perhaps women historically used the wedding dress fabric, or perhaps some left over lace, for this garment. Anyway I am a convert to Sewing With a Plan. Planning some winter suits right now…. hmm

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