Let’s Play Catchup

I have been so busy.  Like, actually busy.  My in-laws visited in August.  It was only a week but included 2 weekends so…you know, busy.  Mom-in-law was sleeping in my sewing room so I have had a bit of a sewing drought.  Our nephews also visited.  They are 18 and 16 years old and a total delight.  They have none of the terrible teen qualities I hear about (and remember displaying).  For example, they talk to you like you are a person, no eye rolling or staring at their phones while you try to talk to them.  And they are interesting.  The older nephew, let’s call him JJ, is funny and has diverse interests.  I have chosen him to look after us when we are old since we don’t have our own children.  He gets everything in The Will if he visits me once a week in my nursing home and brings his children (he doesn’t have any yet but I’m guessing he will).  The younger nephew, let’s call him Kal-El, is quiet and when he gets into something, he is all in.  He is into classic movies now.  One night we were discussing films and my husband said “Toshiro Mifune is one of the best actors ever.”  JJ replied, “Kal-El just said that yesterday!”  Kal-El is a lot like my husband.  It is like seeing my husband as a teenager again.  (When I met my husband he was 16.)  Kind of weird but amazing.

Anyway, I have also been busy at work.  The sewing I’ve done at home has been helping friends and mending things.  I did cut out an Alma blouse and last night another Pendrell.  Because I am taking part in One Week, One Pattern along with Handmade Jane!  I will be wearing the Pendrell blouse from Sewaholic all week.  I chose this pattern because I have 6 of them and it is the perfect top.  No zippers or buttons and looks good tucked in or out.  I will likely wear 4 of them and do some repeating.  I am excited!  And Handmade Jane is giving away all kinds of great things.  Check it out!


Pewter Pendrell blouse

In other news, I will be spending next week in California.  Work is sending me for training and I am tacking on a couple of days to spend in San Francisco!  Excited doesn’t begin to describe it.  I am staying right by Union Square and will be visiting Britex Fabrics on Friday, September 12th.  I will likely be there for 10am opening but if others can make it at another time I could be persuaded to alter my schedule.  If you are looking for me, I will be wearing a Pendrell blouse.  🙂

I was literally just looking at Britex’s website and the above appeared ^^.  Wouldn’t this top and skirt look amazing for my Vietnamese silk?

So, now you know what I have been doing and will be doing?  What have you been doing?  What are your plans?  Taking part in OWOP?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play Catchup

  1. One week = two weekends – totally get that. Quite often we get to September and my husband laments we didn’t go camping enough, but really two weeks in Manitoba equals 3 weekends… The summer isn’t as long as it felt when I was a kid.

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