Favourites Week: Day 3 – Not Sewn Garments

Yesterday I posted about my fave garments sewn by me. Today’s post is about garments I love that were purchased. Why I didn’t sew them and why I likely won’t ever sew garments like these.


1) My pinstriped pants suit from DKNY (outlet, always outlet). I bought this about 3 years ago but I have almost always owned a suit like this, always pinstriped, sometimes navy, sometimes black. I don’t wear it as a suit very often. Usually break it up with more feminine pieces since it is quite masculine. I wear it as a suit around pay raise time so my company thinks I may be going on job interviews. JK, or am I?

Why didn’t I sew it? Tailoring is different than sewing, to me, anyway. Jackets and well-fitting trousers need to be sewn properly and patiently. I just don’t have the attention span to take on a project like this. I buy good quality, on sale, and pair it with cute me-made blouses or skirts.


2) My first dress pants in ankle length. (On me they are almost capris…) With jacket with leather collar. So another suit also from DKNY Outlet.

Same reasons. Just too much precise tailoring that I don’t have the urge to learn at this point. But I love the look and I love breaking it up into separates.


No photos of me in a swimsuit! But here is a better one.


3) Red rouched swimsuit from Modcloth. I love this suit. I wore it almost non-stop on our last vacation. I did sew in some padded cups to keep things PG.

Many people are sewing swimwear. It’s great. I hear that it isn’t that hard but when I saw this suit I knew that with materials and time I couldn’t do better. And, honestly, I just don’t trust my stitching with something as delicate as swimwear.

What do you buy that you don’t sew? Are you motivated to sew things that you haven’t? Or do you have your niche?


One last photo. My new ankle length trousers, purchased top and sweater. Me-not-made! Oh, and hubby. 🙂


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