Favourites Week – Day 1: Colour

I love colour. I don’t sew a lot of black, white, or neutral. My eye is drawn to bright colors, mostly prints.

I always say that my fave colour is teal. To be honest I just really love blue and teal is so saturated it is like the bluest of blues.  I also tend to get more compliments when I wear it.


I have only sewn 2 items that are teal. The teal knit top which I wore for the last time last year. And the Teal Appeal knit dress which I wear almost every week in fall and winter months. Funny they were both knits since I don’t sew a lot of knits either.


Teal Appeal dress fabric

I think the reason is that I don’t sew the same thing very often. I am always looking for something new. It is the same with colour. If I’ve sewn with one I don’t want to see it again for awhile. Also, I rely on what I can find. I don’t buy a lot of fabric (despite what my husband tells you) so I don’t repeat colours or styles.  But I have teal sweaters, dresses, tights, and even glasses.


My faves: Teal and Olive

Now, my favourite neutral colour. Olive Green! I discovered this years ago with a jacket from Ricki’s.  I bought this jacket before I started sewing.  Olive (or army) green is a great neutral base colour for fair-skinned people. Black can be a little harsh, white is tricky for year round, and beige just isn’t always flattering by the face.


I have 3 jackets/cardigans and 1 pair of leggings in this colour. I pair it with blues most often.  I wear the color with me-made items a lot.  When I found this necklace that combined my fave neutral (a more yellowy-olive) with blue I was thrilled.


Olive Green DKNY Cozy cardigan and me-made skirt from Sept ’11. (Notice the teal glasses!)

olive Olive leggings with my English Rose tunic blouse.  (Olive cardigan also thrown over my purse strap.)


Here is the original Ricki’s jacket with my so pretty, pale blue Rosy Pendrell blouse.  I love the tougher military-esque styling of the jacket paired with such a feminine blouse.  My favourite styling trick.  Hard with soft.

What is your favourite colour?  Do you have a fave neutral?  Black? Navy?  Do you think we are drawn to colours again and again out of habit or because we get compliments while wearing them?  Are there colours you love that you feel you can’t wear?

Tomorrow’s Favourite: My Fave Garments sewn by me


8 thoughts on “Favourites Week – Day 1: Colour

  1. Probably blue is a favourite colour. My favourite neutrals are black, navy and brown. I am wearing less grey as a favourite because my hair is more silver and I need to be a bit careful with grey. I am trying to get out of always wearing black, so navy, then brown are my neutrals. I have blue eyes and some silver in my hair so when I wear certain medium and light blues I definitely get comments. I like some white around my face because it reflects light and brightens an older complexion. I would like to wear earth tones if they looked good on me. That is probably why I wear brown. A cool brown works nicely with white, black or light blue for a retro look. I mostly wear brown on the bottom.

    • I used to be very into dark brown. Not so much anymore…I don’t know why. I’ve heard that colours change as your hair does. Makes sense.
      The good news is there are lots to chose from!

  2. I’m fair with light hair like you, and I agree that black can feel a little harsh. For that reason I prefer brown (usually khaki or medium), grey (usually medium or dark), and navy as neutrals. Olive as a neutral is a great suggestion, and reminds me that I need to keep my eye out for the perfect olive skirt. As for favorite non-neutral colors, my stated preference is for greens and blues, but my closet probably has more reds and purples. I’m wary of yellows, and I don’t often come across orange when shopping (probably because in polls most men and women say it’s their least favorite color).

    I think I’m attracted to particular colors because of how they will combine with a particular shape or style to create a look with a specific feeling to it. I like stripes and wear both navy and red, but whereas a navy and white striped long-sleeved T is crisp with a hint of nautical flavor, that same shirt with red stripes makes me cringe and think “Where’s Waldo?” But if I’m looking for a fun halter dress with a full skirt for dancing, I’m instantly attracted to the red version while the navy is likely to read a little too “bridesmaid’s dress” for my tastes. It’s less “I like this color” and more “I like this color for this application.” If I’m reaching for the same color again and again, as when I kept wanting to buy yarn in a particular shade of powder blue, it’s probably because I’m trying to capture a particular mood that I want more of my life.

    • That’s interesting. Colour dictated by the style.
      I think the olive works for me since my eyes are green. Blue around the face for blue-eyed folks looks so good!
      Colour and mood or style is another post! Thanks!

  3. It’s interesting to me that you love the teal that is more bluey and I love the teal that is more green (green is my favourite colour). I loathe black, it is particularly unflattering to older women and it makes me look tired and haggard, brown comes in a close second for least favourite, although I do wear taupe a fair bit (especially with winter-white) and brown shoes always with green clothes! I have never looked twice at olive, but your cardigan has got me thinking and wanting to look outside my particular square 🙂 Lovely blog post btw.

    • Thank you! I used to wear so much black but have moved away from it. Maybe subconsciously as I age…
      I will chose navy over brown. Not sure why.
      My most wore shoes are grey and beige (used to call this nude but obviously only nude for certain skin colours).
      I never wore green until fairly recently. And I used to hate it in home decor. I’m changing my mind though. But you’d have to drug me to paint a wall green.
      Another post: do your clothes colours match your home?

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