Save the date: Next week is Favourites Week

What is Favourites Week? I decided to post about a few of my favourite things every day next week. And, yes, I love The Sound of Music.

It will also give others the opportunity to chime in on their faves and hopefully give you a few new ideas.

Here is the schedule:
Monday – My Favourite Colour. Also include my fave neutral and ask do I actually sew items in my favourite colour.

Tuesday – My Favourite Sewn Garments. Did I sew them again? What do I like about them?

Wednesday – My Favourite Garments Not Sewn By Me. Why don’t I sew these items? Will I ever?

Thursday – My Favourite Fabrics. Sometimes I really like them. Sometimes I just get tons of compliments.

Friday – My Favourite Sewing Resources. Blogs I couldn’t live without (or at least sew without). Books, videos, people.

I hope you get in on the action sharing your own favourite things.

See you next week!

This is my favourite car! My Fiat, Donatella.

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