Sporty Summer Sewathon – Funnygrrl Style

Karen at Did You Make That is hosting a summer sewathon for all of us to pursue some sporty sewing.  This isn’t only hardcore running gear but includes items that you would  sew to walk your dog or ride your bike.  I love it!

I have decided to stitch up a tennis dress and shorts.  Just searching Etsy for tennis patterns was amazing.  Even Chrissie Evert had her own pattern!  Here’s what I bought:


This isn’t the actual pattern (I’m not a size 12) but I am going to make the middle version with the shorts.  The Husband and I played tennis while we were on vacation and then played again once we got back.  I thought a cute tennis outfit would encourage me to play more and I hate all my summer athletic wear.

What fabric should I use. I am definitely making it in white. Just seems proper. I thought about an athletic mesh underlined with a stretchy lining.


Imagine it in white.

What about a double knit?


The advantage of this would be a fabric with more body. Not so lightweight that it showed every lump and bump. White could be tricky like that.

I’m hoping to see some other sporty sewing for inspiration. Anyway, what fabric do you suggest?


2 thoughts on “Sporty Summer Sewathon – Funnygrrl Style

  1. Woah! I love that you’re using a vintage tennis pattern. Aren’t they the most fun? You should check out Miss Demeanour because she’s also going down the tennis route. Good luck!

  2. Oh, fun! I have a really cute 70s tennis pattern kicking around somewhere—it’s adorable. Fabric ideas—I know Fabricland carries some heavy poly knits (like latter day Fortrell 😉 ) that would work and be easy-care and very, um, period appropriate, but maybe you would prefer something a little more breathable. 😉 or, my Fabricland has some stretch pique that would be nice, but very crisp. Hmmm… 🙂

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