What’s up? You ask.

Well, Stein and I leave for vacation in about a week. Even better, I am off work as of this Friday…for 2 whole weeks (and 3 days…but who’s counting?).

I gave myself a mini sew-cation of about 4 days prior to us flying out to California. I would like to complete my green eyelet midi-skirt before I leave. And do a bit of spring cleaning in my sewing room so I know what I need in fabrics and notions while I am in the US. Honestly I don’t really NEED a lot as I have enough projects to hold me for a year, at least. That being said, since we are going to the LA Fashion District, which has MANY fabric stores, and I plan to only buy what I love and only fabric that is unique. Spend a bit more for good quality. After sewing with Liberty cotton I am a little spoiled…  I have too much cheap fabric that just doesn’t last very long.  So disappointing after spending the time to sew with it.  (This dress is now written off due to cheap fabric and poor seam finishing.)

Early last week I stopped at Fabricland for some broadcloth to underline my eyelet lace.  I saw this gold coated stretch denim in the discount section.


I left without buying it but keep dreaming up ideas for it.   I was thinking Tanit-Isis could whip this up into something so cool, but me?! On the ride home Stein said it would make a pretty awesome denim skirt. Since our city has a gaudy Western celebration every summer I know nothing is too over-the-top.


Our Stampede Princesses

So I went back and bought it.  By this time the discount section had an additional 40% off so I got it for $3 per metre.  Looking forward to making something super tacky with this stuff!

My TV Fast  is going well.  I have been TV free for almost 2 weeks.  My head is quieter and I feel less anxious.  I am also sleeping better.  I just miss TV on the weekends. I haven’t included movies in my fast since that is our fave Friday night activity. I did watch “20 Feet From Stardom” which is fabulous. It won the Oscar for Best Documentary and is about back-up singers from the 60s down to today. Fascinating! Especially the story behind Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones.

Have you had to toss a handmade item because the fabric frayed?  Do you buy cheap fabric?  Better quality?  Or a mix?

Also, what would you make with 2.5 metres of gold-coated stretch denim?


8 thoughts on “What’s up? You ask.

  1. I had to chuck a tunic I’d made as a result of fraying fabric and poor seam finishing ( but then I’ve had to chuck RTW items for the same reason). And when I did have some gold coated denim (though not stretch) I made a moss mini skirt…

    • My seam finishing has improved greatly since my serger came into my life.
      And you are right about RTW. Some of it is so cheaply made. And not always just the cheap stuff!

  2. I think you’re on the right path with a skirt, that’s what I’d do with it too. It certainly would fit with Stampede and at $3/m assuming you don’t mind the time that went into it, it’s okay if you only have a few opportunities to wear it. It will be perfect for those opportunities.

    I have a blouse I made ages ago that has two issues. First, the fit in the bust isn’t great. I didn’t really understand FBA and I made it according to my full bust measurement so it’s too big in the shoulders and doesn’t come under my bust enough. Adding to this, it has ties in the back. I used ribbon for the ties and crappy ribbon at that. Since I was trying to overcome my poor bust fit by pulling that in so it would be under my bust, it frayed where it’s sewn to the bodice. So it’s a double fail in fit and materials. A third issue would be that it’s poly satin and wouldn’t breathe enough given the long sleeves and poor fit around the arm leaving me kind of sweaty, so a poor choice in fabric for the pattern. It didn’t get much wear, but at the price I paid, well, I’m not crying about the fabric.

    I’ve heard Merry Clayton (from Gimme Shelter) being interviewed on the radio. She was really interesting, so easy to listen to. I imagine it would be even more so adding the visual of film.

    • Merry Clayton is amazing! You can hear her isolated vocals in the movie and on an NPR blog post. Chills!
      As a new sewist I didn’t think I could use expensive fabrics…but I’ve learned I’ll wear it more if I love the fabric.

  3. Kudos on your TV fast! I grew up without one, and since getting a BIG SCREEN TV (yup, in caps) a few years ago, I am shocked at how much time the family wastes watching, and we don’t even have cable! It’s all streaming or DVDs. Amazing. And I agree about the quieter mind and less anxiety. I think we as a society should unplug for a couple of weeks, and see how we all feel.

    I love your stretch denim! I’d make up a pair of jeans. My DD1 has a silver RTW pair, and they always look good when she wears them.

    • Thanks for the comment!
      TV can be a real time stealer, even if it’s on while you are doing other things. I focus much better without it.
      I have jeans that I don’t hate but don’t love either. I wear my denim skirts more often than jeans. Weird, I know. Maybe if I made a pair…I just think I look better in skirts than trousers in general.

  4. Now that’s a crazy fabric! I don’t know if I could resist the urge to make it into tacky cowgirl flares with rhinestone rivets… Not if I were still in Calgary, anyway. Or a long, swishy denim duster. Hmmm. 😀

    Have a great trip and I hope you find some awesome treats in LA!

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