The #1 Reason Why I Don’t Sew

Time.  My excuse for not sewing is because I say that I don’t have time.  Honestly I have the same amount of time as everyone else.  I have more free time than most since I don’t have children and my husband does his fair share of housework (unlike the average, from what I read).

Why don’t I have more time to sew?  TV.  I love TV.  I don’t know if TV viewing can be called a true addiction but it is on when I am at home, much more than it is off.  I watch TV while I sew, clean, cook.  Even to fall asleep.  Recently I realized that I’m only super excited about a very small percentage of what I watch.  Why am I committing so much time to something that brings me very little joy?

I have decided to quit cold turkey for 21 days.  Why 21 days?  Starting May 1 made sense and I go on vacation starting May 22.  My husband and I enjoy binge watching TV series’ while on vacation and we have Veronica Mars Seasons 2 & 3 and the Veronica Mars movie to watch on this trip.

I am hoping to have more time for sewing and exercise and reading and listening to music.  Things that I do enjoy but have been crowded out by TV.    In preparation I have downloaded a couple of audiobooks.  I will need something to listen to while I sew.  I will also take my neighbour up on her offer of free knitting lessons.  This is the wonderful lady that stayed with us during the flooding last year.  I also want to record my parents telling their life stories.  I think it will be invaluable to have records of them telling their stories in their own way, their own voices.  Sarah Polley’s film “Stories We Tell” is a bit of an inspiration but my dad recorded all of the big events in our lives growing up and I want to continue the tradition.  It is even easier today with video on our iPhones but we do it less.

I am still working on my digital print retro dress.  It is coming along really well.  Just added the zipper but it didn’t line up well so I had to take it out.  I really just need to complete that, add a waist stay, and hem it.  I also decided to sew a maxi skirt.  I won the Sewaholic Gabriola pattern but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’m using Vogue 8750.  It has waist shaping similar to the Gabriola.  I decided to sew it in an eyelet lace and found a vibrant green in the discount bin at Fabricland last weekend.  $5 per metre!

photo 3

The Husband and I celebrated 19 years of marriage yesterday!  I can’t believe it has been that long, in some ways, but we have done a lot, moved a lot, so it seems about right.  I thought I knew him inside and out but a little while ago I mentioned visiting New York for our 20th anniversary and said we could go to Mood while we were there.  He had no idea what Mood Fabrics was or that it is a central character on Project Runway (am I right?).  I told him it was my Cowboys Stadium, which we toured in 2011, he being a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

photo 1

Card from my folks. Inside it says we are the perfect blend. LOL

Isn’t it weird when you think your spouse knows something simply because you do and then they don’t?  Just like he recently asked me if I knew how to build a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel and I told him that is basically what I do for work…for, like, 38 hours a week.  Then I built him the simplest of spreadsheets in about 5 minutes and he thought I was a genius.  So weird.

TL;DR – I’m quitting TV for 3 weeks so I can sew more.  Still working on my Vintage Vogue dress. Husband and I just celebrated 19 years of marriage.  It’s weird what you don’t know about each other after all that time.


13 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Why I Don’t Sew

  1. I don’t have a t.v. in my sewing room but I do bring my laptop in there and binge watch shows while I sew. I like your idea of quitting cold turkey. It made me think of how much more I could get done without the distraction of t.v. on all the time. I turn it on at 5am for the news. Off when I leave for work. Back on when I enter the house in the evening for the news (mostly the same as what was said in the morning), then watch all my recorded sewing and craft shows until the prime time stuff comes on. I do other things while it’s on, but not as much as I “could”. I tell myself, oh, I’ll just sit down for a few minutes to watch this segment, and 2 hours later I’m still sitting there!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It’s awesome you’re still learning stuff about each other after that long together! 🙂 Whenever I get the chance to, I turn the TV off while I sew because I’ve noticed that even if the sound is on low it makes a difference to my concentration levels. Unfortunately I don’t always have a choice because we live in an apartment and the man has to have sports running at all times – haha!

      • Haha! Some of it is my fault – I got him into hockey but I don’t watch it 24-7, whereas he has it on CONSTANTLY… that, or AFL (he’s Aussie). Even though I don’t mind either, I really can’t watch/listen to sport and sew at the same time. They DEFINITELY don’t play well together! LOL

  3. Good luck with the TV thing. I quit watching TV with the huge exception of NASCAR and Football (college and pro) over 10 yrs. ago, mainly due to husband’s constant badmouthing TV as a waste of time and brain-sucking machine.

    BUT I need something on when doing things and so audio books have become my addition. Good luck again.

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  5. Congratulations on your anniversary, certainly something to celebrate.
    I’m having the same kinds of feelings about stupid little games on Facebook. I have no idea why they suck me in so easily but they do and I’m left with nothing really to show for the time. Sigh. Good on you for the 21 day trial!

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  7. Since really getting back into sewing a year ago I hardly watch any TV and I don’t miss it. It just shows me that I used to watch a load of old rubbish! Now you can basically watch what you want at any time with recording me and my husband do our own thing for a couple hours in the evening then join up and watch something we really want to watch together.

    But I can waste my time away browsing stuff on e-Bay or reading the comments at the bottom of newspaper articles. I get really annoyed with myself when I do that!

    • Online comments are the worst! Not on my blog obviously. 😉 I get sucked in too.
      I have started setting a timer when sewing or other activities. Time flies by!

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