Say cheese!

Thank you for the comments on my last post.  It sometimes leaves you feeling very vulnerable when you write personal things like these but I was overwhelmed with a “burning in my bones” to get these words out. 

Back to actual sewing information, I made throw pillows for my living room! 


The fabric is Michael Miller’s Camera fabric that I bought online at (*I hit publish and it struck me that I actually purchased this fabric off Etsy-duh).  I had to have the fabric when I saw it.  We recently put up shadowboxes that have moulds of different formats of cameras.  Hubby and I are both photographers and we both worked together in a camera shop when we were engaged and first married so cameras are an important thing in our home.


Camera shadowboxes from Umbra

I traced the rectangles for the pillow by laying similar throw pillows on top of the fabric and tracing.  I tried to get in as much orange as I could since it is my favourite decorating colour right now.  I used old sheets as the backing fabric.  Is that weird?  It’s so soft and the colour was perfect; also, I wanted to save my “good” fabric to make some placemats.  They were my sheets and were well-washed and dried…  Anyway, I used the machine to sew 3 sides, slid the pillow form in and handstitched the bottom.  No, they aren’t wash friendly as I didn’t have zippers and just wanted to get them done before my book club arrived!  I’ll spot wash.

Do you make home decor projects?  I have to spread them out among garment projects as they aren’t my favourite.  But these I enjoy!

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