Sew Grateful Week – Wrap Up and Giveaway Winner!

What a great week last week!  I planned to post much more than I did but work ramped up and I didn’t have as much time as I thought I would.

My Happy Sewing Place
What I learned from the week is that I can’t do it all!  It is difficult to work full-time, sew and blog, and follow other blogs every day.  I love reading sewing blogs and I have my Must Reads, my Like to Reads and my I Wish I Had More Time so I Could Read blogs.  That being said I could manage my free time a little better so I could get more done but I don’t want my recreation time to become regimented and un-fun.  This doesn’t even take into account other obligations and, like, cleaning the toilet and stuff.
To those whose blogs I don’t comment on regularly, it isn’t that I don’t love your posts, sometimes I have tech difficulties commenting on some blogs if I’m on my iPhone or iPad (I’m looking at you Blogger) and sometimes I just don’t have time.  I assume that I have a lot of lurkers who read and don’t comment.  That’s okay!  I’ll just keep putting posts out there until I don’t enjoy it anymore.  🙂
Now to the important part.  Our Sewaholic Pattern winner is MarrieB!
She blogs at Purls and Pleats.  Check out her ITY Knit Dress!  Colour me jealous…  Marrie, thank you for entering the giveaway.  I will be in touch via your blog’s email!
Thank you to everyone who left a comment!  Happy sewing!

6 thoughts on “Sew Grateful Week – Wrap Up and Giveaway Winner!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I totally understand the problem of not having enough time to do all the things. 🙂 I took an unanticipated mini-break from sewing over the past few weeks, due to time constraints. But I got back in my studio last weekend, and it felt great. (Although we won’t discuss the status of my laundry pile – something has to give now and then, right?)

    • You need breaks sometimes to fuel the creativity…or just to get stuff done! When you get back at it it’s awesome.
      I just feel like I miss a lot on other blogs. But they should still be there when I do have time…

  2. I hear you! I always thought we should have an extra day in the week and call it “Fun Day” so that all the fun things we putt off doing from Sun. thru Sat. could be accomplished on this “Fun Day” each week! And…on the blog commenting front, I also read/blog mostly from my iPad and find it frustrating to not be able to comment on Blogger where the comments are embedded. If there is an option to use “open ID”, comments are successful. I think it mostly has to do with Safari not supporting some pop-ups/scripts on Blogger.

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