Feast Your Eyes – Rodarte Fall 2014 RTW

Oh my!  I love when my 2 worlds collide.  I love fashion and I love sci-fi.  Usually the two do not mix…  Look what Rodarte brought for Fall 2014!

All photos from Style.com.


That’s the Death Star!


A Skywalker Sheath?  (Okay, it isn’t really a sheath but I love alliteration.)


I’m guessing these are the twin moons of Tatooine.  Anyone?


C3P0!  Probably my fave character.  He’s so linguistic and tall…


Like this one I do.


Should we all stitch up a Star Wars make in anticipation of the new movies?


8 thoughts on “Feast Your Eyes – Rodarte Fall 2014 RTW

  1. That one dress is Tatooine’s twin suns, which Luke gazes at after despairing that he’s never going to get of that rock. =) I do like Star Wars characters, but not sure if I would wear them on a fancy dress. Death Star, maybe. Or if they had a X-wing/TIE fighter dress…

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