Finished: Double-sided Scarf


I wanted to use this lovely cotton that my sis-in-law, Kait (she blogs at yuppielove) gave to me a few months ago.  I thought it would make a nice scarf so I backed it with a tweed from an unfinished dress.


Isn’t the pink so pretty?  My friend, Stephanie (who has a shop on Etsy) gave me the idea for the scarf though she suggested that I use my Liberty cotton.  But I’m hoarding it until I come up with the perfect project.


It is basically a large loop.  It’s nice and stiff cotton so it stays where you put it.

What quick projects do you like?  Have you sewn a scarf?


5 thoughts on “Finished: Double-sided Scarf

  1. I love your scarf. I love unexpected linings. I think it is the best thing about sewing to tell you the truth.

    I haven’t made a scarf yet…but I’ve made mittens. I made all the boys (in my all boys’ class I should add so you don’t think I left the girls out, there were none) cut out and we sewed mittens for each of them. I did the actual sewing put they decorated them with puffy fabric glue and wore them for a few weeks.. that was a fun quick project.

    I hope this comment prints. I been having trouble commenting to your blog for awhile but then i realized if I leave my blogspot details off, wordpress will print my comment.

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