Plus Size Pattern Pyramid at Chris Lucas AND My Bros are growing Mos

Hey all! Chris Lucas has posted a pattern pyramid. She won my giveaway in March and I dutifully sent the winnings on to her in Australia. She just got it a few weeks ago! I understand that it is literally the other side of the world but in this day and age I think you could get a package to Mars in that time?!

Please head over and leave a comment for a chance to win!


In other news, my little brothers are growing moustaches for Movember*.  Here is Little Bro Blair’s page.  And here is Baby Bro Byron’s page.  Our dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He has treatment coming up next month so it is on all of our minds.  If you’d like to support, we’d appreciate it.  I may include razors with my donations to be sure that they shave at the end of it.  🙂


*UPDATE-Movember is a fundraiser in North America (not sure about the rest of the world) where people raise money for research for men’s cancers.
What I’m listening to: Brothers by Hot Chip


2 thoughts on “Plus Size Pattern Pyramid at Chris Lucas AND My Bros are growing Mos

  1. You are so right about how long it took for the pattern to arrive! The good thing is at least it turned up LOL. Thanks for sharing as well 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your dad. Movember is a such a great cause. Over here it’s huge in the town and at my work which is a mining company… nearly all the men are growing mows and are fundraising. The company I work for also matches $ for $ for all the money we raise through work which is a big plus.

    • I wasn’t sure how widespread Movember was. There are also lots at work participating. My dad had it caught early so we are extremely optimistic.

      In regards to patterns taking forever, I’m thinking about doing giveaways with downloadable patterns or virtual gift cards. Saves having to send everything! Though there is nothing like getting a package in the mail.

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