Finished: Butterick 5687 (Red Salsa Skirt)


It’s my first finished product in a LONG time. It’s technically a wearable muslin. I wanted to stitch this up in a cheaper fabric before cutting into my wool/silk blend.


First thing. I cut it a size larger than I usually do. I wanted to be sure that I could sit in it without it riding way up. So I wanted a little room in the hips. Well, I just ended up taking it WAY in on the side seams and the back seams. I did not need the extra room.


Business pencil skirt in the front, salsa party in the back! The back flounces are what sold me on this pattern. They don’t even feature in on the cover photos!


But you can see them on the tech drawings.


Anyway, instead of hemming the flounces I just finished them on my serger with black thread.. I thought the look was a little Spanish-inspired with the red. As Spanish as a white girl from Canada can pull-off. ๐Ÿ™‚


I styled it with a tweed jacket (purchased) and pearls. My friend, JWab, called me the First Lady. I think the pearls pushed it into politician’s wife territory. I added funky tights to make it a little more me. Last week I wore it and did more of a colour blocking look with grey and black. It is a versatile skirt.

Can’t wait to stitch up the steel blue wool/silk blend! I’m thinking of doing the flounces in lace.

What are you wearing? Do you need tights in your part of the world yet? We had a dump of snow so we are in full winter mode.

What I’m listening to: Bitter Rival by Sleigh Bells


20 thoughts on “Finished: Butterick 5687 (Red Salsa Skirt)

  1. Wow – such a cute skirt! Another pattern to add to my shiopping list! I took a fitting class earlier in the year and our teacher advised to add extra to the side seams if you were concerned about fit – I now have 1″ side seams and feel so much secure when cutting into lovely fabric!

    • I keep thinking I’ve gained weight so I’ve gone up a size but then I don’t need it. And the finished measurements on patterns don’t always seem to be accurate…
      I guess fitting is almost always a concern for everyone.

  2. The ruffles look great – love how you finished them – it’s like a touch of flamenco in the back. I finished a cotton voile skirt in Sept. It was still warm in northern California in Sept. and Oct. so I got to wear it a couple times to work in San Francisco. But the weather is starting to get cooler so I’m sure I’ll be wearing tights soon!

    • I couldn’t imagine doing those tiny hems. Such a lazy stitcher… But the black does add a little spice.
      Obviously in western Canada (not the coast) we get hit pretty early with the cold. I do love the fun tights options. Adds some interest to otherwise boring outfits sometimes.
      I love SF!

  3. What a great skirt and I love the ruffle on the back as it adds an lovely touch and a nice little surprise when you turn around. I so wish it was snowing here but unfortunately we’re coming in to summer in Dec and we’re already well over 40degrees and it’s so hot. Oh and good news… a couple of weeks ago your Plus Size Pattern Pyramid parcel turned up! I couldn’t believe it as I thought it must have got lost at sea LOL… I think it’s been on an around the world trip… if only it could talk and tell us where it’s been. So I’ll have to pull my finger out and do a blog post so the patterns can continue on their journey around the rest of the world lol

    • I hate cold weather but I love the layering and darker colours of winter.
      I can’t believe you got the package?! I thought I sent it air but obviously it went land…and ocean… If only it got it’s passport stamped.

      • That’s definitely the best part about winter, I’d love to be able to layer. How good would that have been if the parcel had a passport as then we’d know where it had been… obviously it likes to travel LOL

  4. I’ve started wearing tights just this past week – but fun ones. If I’m going to have to wear tights, they better be fun. I love the pattern on yours, I have something similar in burgundy I wore yesterday. I also bought ombre tights – black at the top and around the knees they shift to purple. I only bought one pair to see where the shift in colour was but I’m going to buy more. They had hot pink/red and electric blue too.

    I LOVE that skirt. The little flounces at the back are fun and yet so perfectly work appropriate. Do they give you more walking room too?

  5. Haha… yeah us white Canadian gals have to try a little harder to get that Spanish look, don’t we? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great job finishing this sassy little number – it’s a lovely bright colour – and against the white of the snow, you can show off your Canadian at the same time as being a little Spanish! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No snow on the West coast here yet, but it’s been cooooold… enough that I have twice forsaken my plans to wear a skirt with tights for the much safer pants… getting boring though LOL – wish I had more time for sewing!! ^_^

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