October came and went

Well haven’t I been a terrible blogger.  Are you ready for my excuses?

Here goes. 

  • I changed jobs.  Still with the same company but now working in the Environmental group.  I’m ecstatic about it!
  • I have been sick.  Ear infection, head cold, migraines.  This isn’t an easy time of year for me.  Weather changes bring on all kinds of headaches…literally.
  • My dad has some health stuff going on.  He is fine and will be fine but it still occupies your head space.
  • I haven’t really been sewing.  I never sew with muslins (test garments) but I’ve been working on 2 and just can’t get excited about it. 
  • I did finish one wearable muslin.  A skirt.
  • Been busy in general.  Stuff around the house.  Scandal Season 2 on Netflix…

I will also follow up this post with a review of the Winter pattern from Vogue.  Oh my, so much room for discussion.

Thanks for sticking with me.


What I’m listening to:  All Arise! by The Decemberists

Here are some pics of Stein and I and The Decemerists 2006 & 2009 (check out my hair changes!)

photo (4) photophoto


5 thoughts on “October came and went

  1. Time flies when you’re living life, doesn’t it? 🙂 I haven’t finished a sewing project since August!!! Bad me! LOL. Totally understand your pain about making muslins – ugh, so boring… but totally worth it 🙂

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