Mini Post from YYZ

Here is a random photo from Saturdays Toronto Sewing Meet-up. What a great morning it was! It was so nice to talk sewing and other life stuff with bloggers who I follow. I think we have to all agree that Downtown Fabrics (photo above) was our favourite. Even if you didn’t buy here, the man is hilarious. And his fabric is gorgeous. I could have spent a fortune. I’ll add a photo of what I did buy in my next post.

The company did not disappoint either. It was so great to hear the actual voices of bloggers who I’ve followed for a while.

Thanks to all who came out! I will definitely do this again next time I visit but I will allow more time. We even rushed through the swap!

Thanks for a great time Toronto and GTA!

What I’m listening to: my Spanish homework…test next Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Mini Post from YYZ

  1. You’re taking Spanish lessons?

    Yes, Downtown Fabrics was pretty awesome and quite the experience. I can still hear him calling to us “Girls… touch this… is made in Italy” Ah, good times…. I’m so glad that you got the ball rolling on another meet up. It was fabulous to meet in person and so good to see people from the meet up in February. More time always seems to be in order, but it was a great use of the time you did have.

    And it was good for my sewing mojo. I sewed that white fabric into a skirt and wore it yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. It was great fun! Thanks for picking Downtown Fabrics as the pic for this post. It was a fabric party in there! It is fun to see some of our purchases on the cutting table. Thank you for all your planning!

  3. I’m sorry I missed out on meeting y’all, but I agree with Mr. Downtown Fabrics: great for a haggle on fabric if you want one and his stock IS super gorgeous. So glad you had fun!

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