A Little Tucking and some Meet-up Details


(Dandelion photo to distract you from the lack of sewing pics…)

Hi all.  Sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog.  Things have been busy-ish.  Also, after the flooding I just kind of lost my sew-jo.  Partly since my sewing room was turned into a guest room and because I’ve been working on helping with the clean-up.  (Not actually mucking out basements but helping to make and deliver lunches to workers.)

I have started on my Mathilde blouse wearable muslin.  It’s solid black so it didn’t photograph well at all.  Just trust me when I say the front tucks are good enough but certainly not perfect.  Here are the adorable buttons I decided to use.

photo 3

Anyway, it looks like the Toronto Meet-up is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th at 10am in the Fashion District.  I thought we could meet at King Textile at 161 Spadina Avenue.  Best to meet right outside.  We will visit about 3 to 4 fabric shops and end up at Le Neuf Cafe at King and Spadina for noon.  Here we can do a swap (please bring patterns, fabric, notions).

Here’s who we’ve got so far:




Seraphinalina (am I allowed to say I’m looking forward to meeting her most of all…?)




Tia Dia


Gjeometry (maybe)

aem2 (can’t make it but would like to.  here’s a blog link anyway!)

I originally made lunch reservations for 6.  I guess I didn’t anticipate the response.  Looking forward to sharing some sewing stories and getting to know you all better!

What I’m listening to: You’ve Got Time by Regina Spektor


9 thoughts on “A Little Tucking and some Meet-up Details

  1. Yipes – I’m so sorry about the flooding! My sister got flooded too, and it’s be such a nightmare!
    Thanks for pulling together details of the meet-up! I posted about it on our Toronto Sewcialists Facebook Page!

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  4. Gjeometry was a ‘yes’! Lol. And, it’s Catja, in case you can’t place the name with the blog. It was so great meeting you all and hanging out! 🙂 Thanks Funny Girl, for organizing everybody, hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Toronto.

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