When do you want to meet in Toronto?

Hello all you GTA Sewists!  Please take a moment to vote on your favourite choice for the meet-up.  You can also leave a comment if you have more than one that works for you.

I’m looking forward to visiting some fabric shops in the Fashion District and doing a bit of an exchange.  It looks like the fabric stores are open until 6pm, some a little later.  We could follow up our shopping with a bite at a nearby eatery and an exchange.  I have some items that I would love to offer a better home for.

What do I need from you?  A vote on the best date for a meet-up, suggestions for nearby restaurants (nothing too fancy as want to be able to spread out patterns and notions) and any other ideas that you have.  Please link your blog in the comments below.  If you don’t have a blog you are still welcome to come!


I’ll be the one with the purse

What I’m listening to: You And I Are A Gang of Losers by The Dears


21 thoughts on “When do you want to meet in Toronto?

    • I thought fabric stores would be open later on Friday. One I checked still closed at 6, I think. I’ll check some others. Friday night would work best for me. (We have Jays tix for Saturday afternoon.)

  1. Hi, it will be so great to meet you in person! The sad truth is that most of the stores in the fashion district DO close at 6PM… There is an awesome store further west, called Designer Fabrics, that is open till 9PM but only on Fridays (all the other days it closes at 6PM). Is your game at 1PM? Because if it is, that is really not a lot of time… I could do Saturday, or Monday.

  2. Hi there! A bit late because I wasn’t sure when I’d be free, but I’d like to sign up too (I got here from Nothy’s blog). If you’ve decided on Saturday that’s great, but I can also do the Monday or Friday. Thanks!

    (Meraj from threaded-dances.blogspot.ca)

  3. Hi! I’m really looking forward to the Aug 10th meet-up! To make organising meet-ups a little easier, I made a Facebook group for Toronto sewists. Last meet up we organised it all through email, and it got a little time-consuming! I figured this would be simpler. I’ll put up an event in the group for the 10th, but of course, if you want to organise your meet-up some other way that’s totally cool too. 🙂 The group is called “Toronto Sewcialists”, and here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/194887417342225/
    Come and join! 🙂

    • Believe it or not, I’m not on Facebook. This is great though for others to connect!
      I am on Instagram and Twitter so I’m not afraid of social networking…just not on FB.

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