Looking for a Toronto Meet-up


Those trees aren’t usually in water…
This is the view on my usual walk to work. Though I haven’t been to work since Thursday-downtown is closed.

Hey all! Thanks for your comments on my flood post. The work is starting in the city. The evacuee from a senior home that we got to take in was able to go home on Monday. She was so great! We learned a lot about her. 87 years worth of stories! She went to cooking school in Germany at 14 years old but it was interrupted by the start of the war. Her dreams of being a chef ended. But she still watches cooking shows and tries new recipes. At 87! She gifted me a green and yellow shawl that she knit herself.  BTW she knits for charity.  The wool is donated, she knits hats and sells them, donating the cash.  The hats she doesn’t sell are donated.  Pretty great.


Now for the meet-up!  I will be in Ontario in August!  I’m looking for a stitcher meet-up. I’ll be there from August 3rd to 12th. I have a few plans in there but quite a bit of free time. Anyone up for a Mississauga or Toronto meet-up? I’d love to hit the Fashion District (Spadina and Queen St). Or Fabric Town in Mississauga. Or I’m open to suggestions.

What I’m listening to: Sloop John B by The Beach Boys


13 thoughts on “Looking for a Toronto Meet-up

  1. I would love to meet up -I’m in Hamilton which is 40 minutes from Toronto. I know there was one for a bunch of bloggers in the spring which I missed….so I bet you’ll get a ton of responses! I’ll put the word out on my blog too….

  2. I am a stitcher in T.O. and I would love to meet up! The fashion district is my first choice. However, I have never been to Fabric Town in Mississauga.

  3. Hi there. I am in Oakville and would love to meet- up. A few of us got together in February and we had great fun. We did a pattern and fabric swap as well. I’ll put the word on my blog too.

  4. I’d love to join in… I can’t make it on 11’th but 10th (sat) would work great for me.

    Sera told me about this meetup. I live in Mississauga too.. I never knew Mississauga had a fabric town. 😮 Must have been living under the rocks.

  5. Hi there!! I would be totally in for a meet-up! Fashion District would likely be my first choice, as well, since I live on the east side, but am not opposed to going elsewhere either! I’m looking forward to meeting you! I hope you have bailed yourself out of the water and everybody is doing ok! Holy floods!! Can’t believe it.

  6. Hi again, there is also a sewist from England coming to Toronto in August that I’m also trying to coordinate with. I will ask her the exact days she’ll be in town and get back to you.

  7. There’s also Andrea from Stitch Parade who is moving back from a year on the west coast – We promised her we’d do a meet up at some point once she’s back too! It’ll be meet-up central! 🙂

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