My Big List of Projects

I hope you will bear with me as I compile a list. It’s a list of projects that I plan to work on next. I thought it would be helpful for me to plan my next move.

1) Blue skirt


This is my silk/wool blend fabric that I picked up for a great price. The skirt is a basic pencil skirt but I have a little surprise for the back.

2) Navy Polka Dot Cambie Dress


I need to finish this project. And by finish, I mean start.

3) Blue Lace Dress


View A.  I want to wear this dress this summer!

4) Tweed Suit and Blouse


I love these prints together. I need some solid black fabric for the contrast on the blouse.

5) Pantsuit or Maxi?



I want to make this navy and white chiffon into the jumpsuit. Hubby would prefer the maxi dress. What do you think?

What I’m listening to: One Life Stand by Hot Chip

5 thoughts on “My Big List of Projects

  1. Jumpsuits are a right pain in the neck when you need the ladies room. I’d go for a frock any day.
    Lovely patterns & fabrics though. I’ll look forward to seeing the progress (no pressure!).

  2. Fabulous choice of patterns! I love the 1930s feel of Butterick 5859. I know it owuld just become a staple straight away! Are you going to make the trousers or the skirt (or both of course)

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