London Giveaway Winner, Baby!

It’s about time I announced a winner. Non?



lloubb is the winner of the London gift package. Her comment is referring to my Liberty London fabric that I haven’t sewn up yet. Please contact me with an address!


Here is a screen grab from a video of my presentation that I gave last week in my Excellence In Presenting course. I spoke about my love of sewing and told the group how they could get started. You can see that I am holding up a Sewaholic pattern and the website is up on the screen behind me. I also brought in my Minoru rain jacket, my ScarJo dress and a simple elastic-waist skirt. And I’m wearing my Dancing With Myself dress.

I went WAY overtime but everyone said it didn’t seem that long because I was so enthusiastic about my subject! We had 5 minutes and I went over 9 minutes. : / 

Thank you all for your comments!

What I’m listening to: Entertainment by Phoenix


4 thoughts on “London Giveaway Winner, Baby!

  1. how exciting!!! thank you so much!
    As a fellow Sewaholic-aholic 🙂 maybe I’ll use the buttons on a Hollyburn with the button tabs. the colors are very me – you can tell from the green and purple in my commenting pic 🙂

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