Me Made May ’13: Days 27 to 31

I wore a handmade item every day in May!

Well I’m glad that’s over. I enjoyed wearing more of my sewn items but trying to document it was exhausting. This last week was the worst as I was supremely busy.

Day 27: English Rose Tunic (Sorry for the horrible 2nd photo.  I added the one from London again as it is much better.)



This was Monday. I spent most of the morning in bed with a migraine. I did get to work and had lots to do. I got compliments on looking “springy”.

Day 28: Red Lace Pendrell Blouse (I love this outfit.)


I had Day 1 of a 2 day Excellence In Presenting course. (Also day 2 of my migraine.) A woman in my course asked me where I get my unique clothing items. Turns out she used to sew. After talking about the blouse she said I’ve inspired her. Chalk up 1 for home sewing!

Day 29: Dancing With Myself Dress (This photo is from Day 1 as this is a repeat outfit.)


Day 2 of my course AND a Spanish class over the lunch hour. I also had to give a 5 minute presentation on any topic of my choosing. What do you think I chose? Yes, sewing! I brought in a few items and talked about how the audience could get started themselves. I brought up Tasia’s website since she really is one of the main reasons I started sewing, and have kept sewing.

Day 30: Floral Maxi (Again no photo. This was my tree-removal day so I put this on as soon as I got out of an epsom salt bath.)

Day 31: Minoru Rain Jacket & Blue Wide-legged Trousers (unblogged) (Out to dinner with hubby. But had to change out of the trousers as the back zipper BUSTED OPEN AT THE RESTAURANT.)


Thank goodness for the long Minoru rain jacket. It saved my butt…literally. My butt was exposed. Anywho, these were one of the first items I sewed. I loved them but I wished they were finished a little better. Time for a second try on this pattern.

What I learned:

  • The rain jacket got plenty of wear as we’ve had ridiculous amounts of rain. I thought it wouldn’t be worn much after London but I’ve worn it a few times every week since. This is a great pattern.
  • I need more lounging clothes. Trust Sewaholic to come out with some perfect lounging pants.
  • I LOVE my dresses. They are so easy. I kinda felt like a babe in them. More so than when I’m in separates.

How’d your MMM go? Are you glad it’s over too?

What I’m listening to: Mayhem by Imelda May


5 thoughts on “Me Made May ’13: Days 27 to 31

  1. So, pants were one of the first things you sewed? You are brave.

    It’s the documentation that has really held me from participating in the me-made months. It’s a lot of work taking pictures and while I like having my picture taken, I don’t like trying to take them myself.

    • I sewed pants early on before I knew to be scared of them! They were very generous so no real fitting issues. Now I know enough to be terrified. That’s why I’ve put off making the Colette Junipers.
      I think next time I will wear Me Made but only take photos of special outfits.
      The day to day gets boring and my iphone camera is horrible.

  2. I love love love your day 28 outfit! You look fabulous! Well done for completing the month, the documentation is a complete pain but it was great to see what you wore. I hope the migraine has left you alone now?

    • The migraines seem to last 2 full days when they come. Very dependent on the weather.
      Day 28? Thanks! I love that outfit too. And I get a lot of compliments but I swear it’s because I walk with a bit more sass. (I channel a little Joan from MM.)

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