Finished: Sewaholic Alma Blouse (English Rose Blouse)

I finished this the day before we left on our trip. I wrote a few notes on it. The photos are added below that. It’s too difficult to format these posts on the iPad app.

I bought this fabric on a whim. It was so pretty I couldn’t resist. After I decided what I would make with it, it came together quickly. I decided to make Alma View B extra long. Maybe I could wear it with leggings. I didn’t have enough fabric for the collar and sleeves so I bought some lace. This confirmed it as the sweetest blouse every made (by me, anyway).

The collar is backed with fabric cut from a RTW blouse that I don’t wear anymore. I skipped the interfacing.

I decided to hem the sleeves just past elbow-length. I don’t know why, I just thought it would look good. I also added more lace to the hem so it would be a good long tunic length.

This is one of my fave makes right now. We’ll see after repeated wearings.





9 thoughts on “Finished: Sewaholic Alma Blouse (English Rose Blouse)

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