Me-Made-May ’13: Days 1-5

I’m endeavouring to wear at least one hand made item every day in May!

Day 1 – Dancing With Myself Dress (in my bathroom!)


Day 2

Ummm…this was a travel day and I lost 7 hours just by getting on a plane…

Day 3 – Red Floral Tunic (near our London flat)


Day 4 – Rosy Pendrell Blouse &Minoru Rain Jacket (waiting for The Doctor)


Day 5 – Peacock Crescent Skirt (Paddington Station)


Other random photos.




London is incredible! More updates soon!

What I’m listening to: Y Control by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


10 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: Days 1-5

    • I don’t remember seeing that brand before. They have some great shoes. I love me some pinstripe and the measuring tape sealed the deal! I bought ’em.

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