I have decided very last minute to participate in Me-Made-May ’13.  I pledge to wear a handmade item every day of May.  I was unsure because I was travelling for almost half of the month and my RTW items are my favourite items to travel in.  However, I packed Monday night (I leave Thursday but I’m so excited!) and discovered that I will likely wear one every day anyway.  I will also try to capture the outfits in a unique setting.  This should be easy while in England!  Not so easy once I get home!  But one of my goals this year is to improve the photo quality on my blog.

So, here goes.   ‘I, Funnygrrl of Falling Through Your Clothes, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2013’  I will also attempt to capture each outfit in a unique setting.


One of last years outfits for MMM

Thank you, Zoe!  And everyone else, I’m looking forward to seeing your challenge outfits!

What I’m listening to: Beta Love by Ra Ra Riot


9 thoughts on “Me-Made-May’13!

  1. Yay! I just made a last minute pledge as well! Looking forward to seeing your outfits in fun locations. I’ll be traveling quite a bit too, so you’ve inspired me to attempt (at least a few) interesting photos as well.

    • My fave me-made challenge was Karen’s from Did You Make That? when she posed with a different stranger in each outfit. The best!
      I hope mine are at least a little interesting.

  2. AHH still love that dress! Embarrassingly have not sewn a thing to wear since I’ve been back here – just a lot of curtains, pillows, and duvet covers – but this dress is still on my list!!!

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