18 to Life

Happy 18th Anniversary, Schmoopy!


I would do it all over again! 100 times over!


Hubby and I head to London this week. We’ll be there for 9 days. I’m hitting Walthamstow Market on Saturday, May 4th. I’ll be there right at 10! I’ll also be visiting Liberty and Shaukat (which has Liberty fabric). I decided to treat myself to some Liberty cotton while I’m there. I thought I could whip up a Tilly Mathilde blouse as a souvenir when I get home. Won’t that be a great wearable reminder from my trip?

Better get some rest!

What I’m listening to: One Life Stand by Hot Chip

8 thoughts on “18 to Life

  1. LIBERTY COTTON. I die. You will DEFINITELY find the perfect print. Also, check out the greeting cards there, and in the basement at harrods too. SO SO SO SO cute. just. AH. wait, I think you left today which means this is all too late! I am sorry for that but hope you are enjoying yourself!!

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