This and That and That and That

A few things.

If you don’t know what this is, you won’t get it. If you do, it’s only 1 month away!!!

It was Administrative Professional’s Day on Wednesday. My team took me for coffee on Thursday. It sounds like nothing but there were 8 of us, I picked a fancy-pants coffee place and they all expressed how much they appreciated me. It was awesome.

A gorgeous card that my friend Mini gave me. Isn’t it beautiful? I keep it on my sewing desk.

Look what I got! It is very basic and I love it for that. Being basically self-taught at this sewing thing I missed a lot of these basic pointers. I have completely changed how I transfer pattern markings since starting this book. Looking forward to trying the patterns that were included.

Threads magazine is pretty awesome. I picked this up to finally learn about proper fit. I thought it was a good place to start. Threads does a really good job of teaching and I thought it was less commitment than a book.

Here us a little peek at what I’m working on. Hope to reveal on Monday if all goes well.

And, oh yeah, I’m leaving for London UK on Thursday next week!!!

What’s new in your world? Do you buy/subscribe to Thread magazine?

What I’m listening to: Shuggie by Foxygen

11 thoughts on “This and That and That and That

    • “While I’m in Madrid this weekend”.
      Can I hate you now? 🙂
      I’m hoping to get more technical in terms of fit. I thought it was a good place to start.
      I’m so excited for London! I can’t even…

      • Goldhawk Rd is well worth a visit – the range is AMAZING. Liberty is just a beautiful shop to be in.
        First night in Madrid… amazing, beautiful city – it’s love!!

      • Goldhawk is on my list! Walthamstow too. It’s pretty far from where we are staying but it is Europe’s longest street market so…
        I can’t wait to go!

  1. I asked for a subscription to Threads for Christmas one year, but so many of the articles were on techniques I would never use (and honestly were far beyond my skill level at the time) that I never renewed it. I do like the way the articles are written though, so I may have to see if I can locate that specific fitting issue!

    • Let me know if you can’t find it. My local newsstand has a few. I don’t mind sending it if you don’t mind the shipping cost.
      I only pick up issues that interest me and if I have time to read them. This one will come on vacation with me.

  2. That wouldn’t be an Alma at the bottom, is it?
    Those are lovely flowers and any appreciation expressed genuinely works. Fancy-pants coffee and truffles sounds good to me.
    I have the Colette book too and I have yet to make something from it. I’m not sure why, I like most of the patterns I’ve I’ve picked it up a few times intending to pick a starting point and haven’t quite done it yet.
    Does time ever fly, it doesn’t seem that long ago that you booked the trip.

    • Ha ha! You are a quick study! Alma? We’ll see…
      I love my job and my team.
      Isn’t the Colette book beautiful? Even if you don’t make something out of it I think it’s inspiring.
      Yes! The trip did come fairly quickly.
      To be honest I’ve already started to plan my next. Toronto in early August. Would love a meetup! Let’s discuss!

  3. So Jealous/excited for your trip next week! I am sure you will have a blast. Be sure to see some shows! That was the highlight of our trip. MIss you, and happy admin week!

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