Finished: See & Sew B5345 Top (Red Floral Tunic)

This is the pattern that I won from the Pattern Pyramid for Plus Sizes. I have been wanting to sew some long tops to wear with leggings. I never wear leggings. Except when I fly. And it is usually under a jean skirt. I thought I’d give the look a go.

Anyway, here is my new tunic.


The pattern calls for handstitching for the facing. I am the worst handsewer. I just don’t have the patience. (It’s the same reason that I’ve been knitting the same scarf for 3 years <okay 2 1/2 years…>.) Instead of handsewing the facing down I stitched in the ditch* to attach the facing to the yoke. I’m not saying that this is right, just quick.

*To stitch in the ditch is to sew a line of stitching in a seam.  Essentially hiding the stitches in the seam while catching fabric on the other side.


I originally planned on making the version with sleeves. I even cut them out and gathered them. But I lost my place in the instructions and missed a step. So I ended up making the sleeveless version. Which will be nice for summer anyway and looks good with my cropped jacket, I think.


This is coming to London with me.


Here it is without the jacket.  It’s a little chilly out.  That’s why I look cold.  Yes, those are jeggings!  Bought, not sewn.  My first pair!


Here is the rear shot.  It isn’t the most slimming look but it is very comfortable and I like the fabric.


And no jacket, no belt.  People walking in the park may have thought I was stripping since I kept removing clothes.  Leggings and tunic isn’t my favourite look on me (I love it on other people) but I can see me enjoying this in the summer.  And I think my legs look great!

Speaking of legs, there is another leg of the PP for PS giveaway here at Chris Lucas’ blog. It’s open until May 3, 2013 but she will have a 2nd giveaway when the patterns I sent her finally arrive. Canada to Australia could NOT be further apart!

How is your spring/summer sewing coming along?  Do you own jeggings?

What I’m listening to: Lovers Revolution by Iron & Wine


20 thoughts on “Finished: See & Sew B5345 Top (Red Floral Tunic)

  1. I also struggle with leggings. Hems don’t seem quite long enough but by the time they are long enough I am pretty much wearing a dress and happy to wear tights. Something about it just doesn’t quite click for me.

    That said, I love the tunic and it does look good on you. I think that will work very well for your trip and through the summer.

    • I think if its styled right for me (belt, jacket, jewelry) I’ll feel comfortable.
      I’m not sold on the look for me but we’ll see.
      It’s good to step out of your comfort zone! Which for me is ironically more comfortable clothes!

    • Thank you! I’m very aware of my body flaws but am working on celebrating my body strengths. I have some shapely calves. I just do! 🙂
      I have one more long top to stitch up. We’ll see how I feel in it.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I always lengthen my tops, its an easy adjustment I always make – i’m a teacher and the children can be very blunt about clothes riding up and seeing your stomach. This looks amazing on you. Very flattering.

    • I lengthen everything too. Especially skirts.
      My friend is teacher and they are blunt. Grade 5s. She got a haircut and they all gave their opinions. I don’t think she asked them…

  3. I’m loving this look and have been toying with the idea of making myself some leggings/jeggings lol… as I don’t own any either and would love to wear some now that it’s getting a ‘little’ cooler over here. Everyone says they are so comfortable! I too would have to make some long tops to wear with them and like you generally lengthen just about every pattern I make including skirts and dresses as well. I don’t have the best legs and have quite a few veins I like to cover up as well. Plus I think the extra length looks better on me and it definitely looks great on you!

    • Thank you. I have to say I was super comfortable.
      I bought the leggings at such a good price that I couldn’t possibly sew them for. And I don’t sew basics. Just too much fun stuff to make! And not enough time!

      • I can so relate to not enough time! Unfortunately for me we only have Kmart and 1 dress shop in town to buy clothes from so most things I want I either have to make or buy online. I sure do miss not having a variety of places to shop from for simple basics which I sure do miss but the good thing is it’s why I got back into sewing again which is a big plus 🙂

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  5. Thank you for having so many pictures of it. I’ve been looking for someone who’d seen this pattern before and this gives me a better idea of how it really looks. Do you feel it sewed up true to size? And the whole outfit does look great.

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