There Will Be Dresses

I took advantage of one of McCalls pattern sales and bought all Butterick as I know exactly how they fit me and it makes it easy.

It seems that I feel more dresses are in my future. Might be a spring-thing as many sewists are turning to thoughts of spring. See Tasia’s post.

Here is what I bought along with some fabric wishes.


Butterick 5880.  Isn’t this beautiful? I love the long length and the little sleeves and the gather on the side. *Le sigh.*


In the technical drawing you can see the neckline with notches. And doesn’t that…ahem…hip area look generous for those of us with large…ahem…sit-upons?


Wish fabric for B5880.
Blue/Green Batik


Butterick 5894.  I couldn’t decide if this was too juvenile but then I decided to just go for it. I love the high neck and contrast scallop skirt detail.


Here are the technical drawings.  I love the princess seams. Especially in the fitted skirt version. Very much like this pattern that I already have.  But the version with the scalloped skirt is likely the first one that I will sew.


Wish fabric for B5894.
Grey linen for bodice and upper skirt.


Wish fabric for B5894.
Lime linen for skirt bottom.



Wish fabric for B5886.
Lightweight fabric with a graphic print.

Butterick 5886.  This beauty. What sold me on it was the full back. I love a summer dress that you can still wear without showing all your skin.  Seriously we have a short summer and bare back weather is approximately 2 days out of 365.   Also, “mullet hems” are all the rage. Aren’t they?


Butterick 5878.  Sorry for the crummy iPhone photo. I bought this for a summer dress too. I like the 3/4 sleeves and the lace trim on the tiers. What a great vacation dress.



Wish fabric for B5859.
Graphic tweed inspired by Mondo from Project Runway.

The only non-dress pattern that I bought. I love everything in this wardrobe pattern. The high-waisted trousers, the high-waisted skirt, the bow-tie blouse and the jacket. I’m going to look for fabric in London for all of these.

Just a question, why do women love high-waisted trousers/skirts/shorts and men (usually) hate them? Do you have men in your life that don’t hate this look? My hubby hates them. That being said, I’m still going to make them. I just don’t get why they react so strongly to this look.

What are your spring sewing wishes?

What I’m listening to: Wooly Mammoth by Local Natives


15 thoughts on “There Will Be Dresses

    • Thanks!
      I was just talking to a friend who is a seamstress. She is sewing grey and green dresses for bridesmaid. I asked her if they were ugly. She said they were nice…. So I got the idea for the two-toned dress.
      Short story long! 😉

  1. Hmm…not sure why men have that aversion to the high waisted trousers. Maybe because it’s uncomfortable for them to wear em?? But I love that bow tie blouse! I’ve got to go pick up that pattern.

  2. The scallop hem dress would look stunning in your choice of fabric. I hope you make it. In the early 80’s when ‘Bogart’ wide leg jeans were all the rage the man in my life could not stand them and told me I should wear jeans with legs that were more fitted. I wore them anyway of course .. but maybe he was ahead of his time.

    • The Foreseer of the Skinny Jean! So I can blame him. 😉
      I guess trends come and go. My hubby also hates wide-legged trousers. But I love them. Wait until I stitch up wide-legged, high-waisted!

  3. Ooooh, I like all these patterns, and I love the Mondo-inspired fabric. I am bound and determined to sew at least one dress this summer, since I have thus far failed to sew a single one (at least successfully). I can’t wait to see the ones you make!

  4. I think in grey and gree the scallop won’t look juvinile, but it could with the wrong (or right depending on your perspective) fabric.

    My husband doesn’t like high waisted pants either. I am not sure he could articulate the why but I suspect it has something to do with not being able to easily access ah, “happy fun time” places. 😉

    • Did a spit take with my coffee!! Happy fun time places?! Oh my. Maybe everything is too locked up. Too funny.
      I decided I like them because they make my waist feel corseted and slim, you know?
      I’ll try grown up fabrics for the scallop dress.

      • Tee hee, I made you spit take.
        I do get the appeal of corseted and slim, a sleek line is more slenderizing in my mind than soft skin rolling over a waist band. I think my issue becomes about proportions. My eyes don’t seem to read the proportions right, I’m never quite sure it looks good.

  5. I ove B5879 – I bet it looks amazing in summer and winter fabrics. I’m waiting for the next sale to get it. And i hadn’t noticed B5878 before but I may order that one too; and B5894. And hey, Vogue recently sent me a $5 off coupon, via email, and so that will reduce the crazy shipping costs they charge Cdns – especially since they ship from Ontario.

    • We can be dress twins! Let me know if you are up for a mini sewalong for any of them. Cross-blogginization.
      I always wait for the pattern sales from McCall’s. I got a $5 off too but I will only use it during a sale.
      Happy dressmaking!

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