Guest Tutorial: Fitting a Men’s Dress Shirt

A special treat today!  My brother, let’s call him FunnyBrro, has a mini-tutorial on how to turn a typical men’s dress shirt into a more fitted style.  FunnyBrro has been sewing longer than me.  He hand-stitched (I think) a denim skirt from a pair of jeans for his wife YEARS ago.  He also made a blanket from old t-shirts that inspired my own (which lies in my unfinished pile).

Anyway, here is FunnyBrro’s “Make a Fitted Men’s Shirt” tutorial.

I just did an easy 5 minute alteration to an off-the-shelf shirt to make it feel like a tailored shirt and to give it a form flattering look.  Here’s the picture before, with a lot of extra baggy material at the back.
Fold a dart in the back and iron it to make creases to follow with the sewing machine.
Sew along the iron line on the inside of the shirt.
I could have taken the dart further up the back, but even with this, it cleans it up a lot and follows the back line much better.  And it’s so easy, even a dude can do it!
Before and After

Before and After

Thanks, Little Brro!  Obviously we know dudes can sew.  This man and legend is an amazing seamster and I just saw this amazing project from the Craftsy “Jean-ius” class.  Great job, boys!
For fun, here is a photo of Funnygrrl and FunnyBrro from about 1978.  I am the hippy-looking blondie and he is the little guy. The kid in back is our older brother.  Cute, eh?
What I’m listening to: Dirty Boys by David Bowie

4 thoughts on “Guest Tutorial: Fitting a Men’s Dress Shirt

  1. That’s something I should have thought about. My husband ends up with extra fabric at the back with his dress shirts, it’s far more than ease requires.

    Was your hair ever blonde! It’s a great picture of the three of you.

    • My little brro is the person I would want to do Amazing Race, Survivor or even Project Runway with!! Creative thinker!
      If you try his trick let me know. He’d love to hear the feedback.
      Now, for the blond hair, I have to spend a samll fortune… 😦

  2. Cute photo, and I think it’s too cool your little bro sews. Also, great tip for mens’ shirts, that’s such an easy fix!

    • I was so excited that he sent me the tutorial! I’d love to see if others try this out.
      My brro is a cool guy. Of course at the age he was in the photo he drove me INSANE! I appreciate him now. 🙂

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