In Progress: Sewaholic Minoru Rain Jacket (Lining Things Up)

Previous In Progress posts here about print matching, here about stitching up the hood and here to see how I added reflective piping.


Here are the front pieces of my jacket lining. See how the pockets are not exactly the same? Well, I stitched up the first one and then realized that it wasn’t deep enough to cover my iPhone so I narrowed the top hem (is the top of a pocket a hem?) to make it a tad deeper so my phone can slip right in. It’ll be on my left, which is perfect since I’m right-handed. I didn’t add the Velcro because my lining isn’t slippery but holds its shape quite well. The pockets won’t be gaping open.


This is a shot of my lining with the sleeves attached. I decided to do the sleeves in a slippery lining fabric for easier access (and removal) when I’m wearing long sleeves. I know this is the best choice since the sleeves aren’t huge and wiggling my arms in and out would have been annoying.


The other change I made was to use the lining fabric for the collar. The instructions call for you to use the jacket fabric, and this makes sense, if you were using typical lining fabric and shell fabric. Since I am using laminated cotton for the shell I knew it would feel uncomfortable by my neck. This involved a series of poses in front of the mirror and in front of husband. It felt sweaty and weird on my neck and by my face so I used the lining fabric instead. I also underlined the collar with my laminated cotton since others who stitched up this pattern complained about the wrong side showing in the collar when unzipped. Now my laminated cotton will be inside the collar which will help with rain protection as well, while the softer lining cotton will be by my face.

This will all make more sense when you see the finished jacket.


One last shot of the piping that I added at the cuffs. I really like it. I will use it again. Only try to find it with a 5/8 inch seam allowance. Fighting to line it up was tricky since I couldn’t just line it up with the raw edges.

I’m learning a lot with this project and I can see why others have stitched this jacket up more than once. I would love to make one with pleats, instead of gathers, at the collar. Though the laminated cotton gathered up beautifully. The sticky laminate really “grabs” the gathers.

Has you stitched with a new (to you) fabric? Did you do test stitches? Have you sewn with laminated cotton?

I hope I don’t have the same trouble as Moss with my phone in my top pocket…
UPDATE: This video plays on my work computer which goes through US servers but won’t play in Canada. Likely not the UK either. Sorry! It’s super funny…

What I’m listening to: There’s Money in New Wave by A.C. Newman


9 thoughts on “In Progress: Sewaholic Minoru Rain Jacket (Lining Things Up)

  1. I laughed out loud at your ability to play the video at work but not at home. Makes me wish I had tried streaming some of my favourite tv shows while I was still there! haha

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