March Badness

Okay, lame post title but it is March Madness, the college basketball tournament-thingy.  Hubby and I do up brackets every year and I lose.  Marital compromise and all that stuff.  Same reason he watches 6 hours of Academy Award pre-red carpet, red carpet and post-show fashion coverage every year with me.


Anyway, I have been working on my rain jacket Minoru slowly and steadily.  Nothing exciting to write about so I haven’t written anything.

I also cut out my fabric for a top for my London trip.  I haven’t done anything beyond cutting out the pieces.  Nothing to write about there.

And I’ve had a series of migraines due to our spring weather changes.  Oh, the agony!  I don’t wish it on anyone.  Can’t lift your head, let alone listen to the clack clack of a sewing machine.  So no major sewing progress made.

I did manage to buy tickets for the David Bowie exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London for our trip!  So glad Karen reminded me.  I won’t make the sewing folks meet-up but to see Bowie costumes close up…wowza…

How productive have you been?  Do you go through a fortnight of sewing droughts as I do?

*Hubby decided to dress as Rene Lacoste for the Paris Party.  One person guessed who he was.  Another guy who loves Lacoste.

What I’m listening to: All The Young Dudes by David Bowie


4 thoughts on “March Badness

    • Ha ha! Thanks!
      I knew March would be busy and drought-y but didn’t count on the headaches. It’s been crummy but I know others deal with CHRONIC pain, like, all the time.
      Hoping to be more productive in April.

  1. hahaha did he match your bathroom?
    I love your outfit in this picture, can’t WAIT to see/hear about your trip to London, and I miss you! Sorry for being that creep that comments on every post (although maybe better than the one who reads every post and never comments? probably not). Also don’t miss chinook migraines AT ALL.

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