In Progress: Sewaholic Minoru Rain Jacket (Piping)

On a whim I decided to add piping to the shoulders of my rain jacket. I found reflective silver piping on eBay that was in Canada so shipping was quick and cheap. Cost around $3 for 2 yards including shipping!


I thought reflective might be good for visibility at night. Also, piping would help define the raglan sleeves.

For sewing the first seam with piping, I sandwiched the piping between the fabric, pinned in the seam allowance (to avoid poking holes in the fabric) and stitched as close to the piping as I could using a zipper foot.

For the next seam, I tried stitching the piping onto the sleeve edge first, then stitched the sleeve to the back pattern piece using the stitching that attached the piping as a guide.  This meant sewing the seam twice but it helped me get a lot closer to the piping.  Unfortunately, the piping I purchased doesn’t have a 5/8″ seam allowance so I couldn’t just line up the edges.  A little tricky but worth the effort, I think.


I topstitched which helps position the piping.  And shows it off a little.  Doesn’t look too glamourous here but the reflective quality looks better in person.

Any piping tips?  Do you use a piping foot?

What I’m listening to: Alone by Heart (we just saw them live.  they sound good. my video below)


2 thoughts on “In Progress: Sewaholic Minoru Rain Jacket (Piping)

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