Pattern Pyramid for Plus Size Winner!

You guys, I am so late with this announcement! I have been really busy with work stuff and home stuff. And getting my hair done.


And no makeup!!

“So, shut up already and tell us the winner!!”

It’s Chris from Australia! I just found her blog through the comment that she left on the giveaway post. She is a sewist who is not afraid of colour and print. And her curves don’t make her hide out in this great, big, beautiful world! She embraces her body! A great read for all sewists who are a little reluctant to put themselves out there.


Congratulations, Chris! I’ll get the package out early next week but the post to Australia takes some time so please be patient.

What I’m listening to: Binary Mind by Ra Ra Riot

4 thoughts on “Pattern Pyramid for Plus Size Winner!

  1. OMG I can’t tell you how excited I was to get your email! You really made my day and I’m so looking forward to receiving the patterns and then passing them on again. It goes to show it’s well worth entering competitions as you’ve got to be in them to win them and it sure has payed off. I also entered another pattern pyramid competition and won that one as well and the patterns just arrived yesterday. So now I’ll have the opportunity to share the opportunity for two other people to win as well.

    Oh by the way love the pic of getting your hair done! I shared one of those on my blog too… would have loved to have seen an after shot too. It’s always a good feeling when we’ve just had our hair done.

    Thank you!
    Chris 🙂

    • I won the original Pattern Pyramid AND the plus size one. I feel a little guilty but it’s so nice passing it on and getting to know even more sewing bloggers. Like you!

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