Oh, Brother!

*This post is a bit of a rant that may result in you viewing me as a bit of a dolt.


Remember when I got my new little Brother. I had two problems. One was that I didn’t have a foot control/power cord. This I solved by searching on Kijiji locally. Amazingly, I found one that was compatible for $15! Score! The other problem was that it didn’t have a manual. I don’t know about you but I reference my manual on a very regular basis. Brother US offered to mail me a manual since my machine didn’t have one. The only problem was that they would only mail to a US address. I live in Canada. With great kindness, I had a handful of offers from folks who read my blog to receive it and mail it on to me in Canada. Here is what I received last week.

photo 1 (5)

*blink blink*  It’s a quilting foot instruction sheet.

And here is the box it came in. That cost $8.55 to get shipped to me.

photo 2 (5)

Not the fault of the awesome fellow blogger who slapped on a new label and shipped it out. But, Brother, what were you thinking?! Not only the totally wrong item but also packaged in a ridiculously large box.  Something that could have been scanned and emailed for, like, free.

So I write a firm but complimentary email to Brother explaining my dilemma. Their reply is as follows:

Dear Valued Brother Customer:

Thank you for purchasing genuine Brother products and accessories.  

For questions regarding our Brother products in your country, please
contact our subsidiary Brother Canada.

You may contact our Brother Canada office by calling 800-853-6660 or
514-685-6464.  Or by mail, to the following address:

Brother Canada
1 Rue Hotel De Ville
Dollard Des-Ormeaux
Quebec PQ H9B 3H6

Brother Canada will be more than happy to assist you or process your
request. For more information about Brother Canada you may visit their
web page at www.brother.ca <http://www.brother.ca>.

We do apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Thank-you for being a Brother Customer.

We appreciate your business.


Consumer Sales Dept.
Brother International Corporation

I kinda feel like an idiot. But also kinda think Brother US should know that Brother Canada has a particular item. Am I way off? I never thought to check Brother Canada or even knew that there WAS a Brother Canada.

The good news is that I now have a foot control and manual for the machine.  It only cost me $23.55 to get the machine up and running (including $8.55 to have a 6 by 8 inch quilting foot instruction sheet sent to me).  The Brother Canada website had the manual available for free download.   I’m going to use the machine for a couple weeks and them decide what I’m doing with it.  I may also see if Brother has my other sewing machine’s manual for download.  Nice to be able to view it on my iPad as well as having the print copy. 

Thanks for reading my rant. I hope you don’t think me TOO much of an idiot.  Back to raindrop and poodle prints (seriously!) next time!

What I’m listening to: Breathe Me by Sia


8 thoughts on “Oh, Brother!

  1. You’re not an idiot. That is the dumbest piece of shipping on the planet! Plus they could have referred you to Brother Canada in the first place saving you time and money. But on the plus side, how awesome are sewing bloggers? Yay for the kind soul who forwarded the parcel to you.

    • Oh, bless you! The shipping was insane. I stood at the post office for a couple seconds staring at it because it didn’t look like what I was expecting.
      Anyway, all is good now! And fellow sewing bloggers are the greatest!

    • You should have heard my rant to my husband after I opened it. I couldn’t believe a person packaged that up and said “Yup. That single sheet of paper is ready to go. I’ll call USPS.” Seriously.

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