In Progress: Sewaholic Minoru Rain Jacket (In The Hood)

I tried to come up with a humorous Little Red Riding Hood joke (Little Laminated Cotton Hood?) but it was too lame. Here’s a photo instead.


I’ve been working very slowly on this project. The weekend was busy with a book club meeting/anniversary party. Anyway, I was determined to stitch up the hood in one sitting. And after a disastrous first try at the topstitching, followed by recutting the hood pieces, I managed to get most of it done. They aren’t kidding when they say that laminated cotton doesn’t allow for errors. Once you’ve made a stitch the hole is permanent.


Don’t you love the London print lining? I hope the Brits take it as the compliment that it is. If they visited Canada and stitched something using moose and maple leaves, I would be flattered. Really!


I topstitched the top seam on the hood. The seam allowances are both pressed to the same side. This is supposed to make it a little more water resistant.  Print matching went a little out the window as I had to recut and don’t have a lot of fabric left.

The only thing left is to topstitch along the front of the hood. This will help keep the lining from “rolling” out and will keep the hood stiff when it’s up over my head.

I’m in love with the fabrics again. I was a little concerned about it looking juvenile but I think it will be cute. We’ll see…

Also, I won a Sewaholic giveaway! They are great fabric reference cards. I won the Imperial measurements but bought the Metric version too since I shop in Canada and the US for fabric. Go check them out for yourself!

What I’m listening to: Don’t Leave Me (Ne me quitte pas) by Regina Spektor


5 thoughts on “In Progress: Sewaholic Minoru Rain Jacket (In The Hood)

    • That’s why I chose the e-versions. On my iPhone and iPad for fabric shopping. Especially the discount shelves since you don’t know what you are going to find.
      Thanks for the comment!

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