My thoughts on the 2013 Oscar’s…because you didn’t ask…

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Tell me that us sewists saw that Anne Hathaway’s “nipples” were actually the bust darts. Okay, not well-sewn bust darts evidently but those are not her nipples. Tell me I’m right on this!


Sigh. I love the hem on this gown on Zoe Saldana. I wish I had reason to wear a train in everyday life.


Olivia Munn in Marchesa. I love this. The bodice, the colour. Gorgeous.


I don’t know who this girl is. A TV vampire? I assume since I don’t keep up with the TV undead. Anyway, love the colour and the delicate look of this. Didn’t know you could wear 3/4 sleeves at the Oscars! I love!


Halle Barry. Ummm…I like the IDEA of this dress but not for her. Can you see this on Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep? Maybe it’s a little old for Halle…


I find this similar to Halle’s fabric but wowza! What a difference! I love how it’s covered up but totally HAWT.


I think the night belonged to Charlize. Her dance number with Channing Tatum was lovely and this dress is perfection on her. This photo doesn’t seem to do it justice but when she was moving in it…wow…even hubby stopped what he was doing to watch. She wore a different dress for her dance number. Both were perfection.

kerrywashingtonoscars201[1] Kerry Washington. I want to like this but I just don’t. It looks high school grad/prom to me. She’s so petite she can do better, I think.


Another photo that I don’t think does it justice. She looks so lovely. And she fell going on stage but laughed it off in such a great way. Why is no one helping people up the stairs? Not just the women either. Escorting winners on stage would be so nice, non?naomiwattsoscars2013[1]

My favourite of the night. Naomi Watts. I can’t…I just…It’s so…Everything.

What did you think? Lots of metallic and pale colours. Will this affect how you shop for fabric in the coming months? It may affect what fabric we find in shops…

What I’m listening to: Until the Night is Over by Timber Timbre


8 thoughts on “My thoughts on the 2013 Oscar’s…because you didn’t ask…

  1. two things:
    1) ummm YES about the bust darts!! I hated everything about that dress, maybe if it was properly tailored I would have liked it better? but seriously I hate pink so probably not.
    2) The girl in the AMAZING blue sequin dress made even more beautiful by the perfect yellow belt was in Anna Karenina. I can’t remember her name….her dress was top 5 for me.

    • 1) I was surprised by her choice too. Jennifer Lawrence looked like an award winner. Anne, not so much.
      2) Anna Karenina, okay, not an undead. I haven’t seen that either.

      So much fun to watch and critique. 🙂

  2. Poor Anne, I think the Devil made her Prada…I also think that when Halle told Versace she wanted to look like a Bond girl, she should have reminded Donatella that the movies didn’t stop being made in the 80’s! I agree with all your favs.

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