Did you say 70% off?!

I am in my car writing this right now on Friday night. Not driving. Don’t worry, Oprah, I would never blog and drive. I’m waiting for my husband outside a Scotch Fest. Because I am, obviously, the best wife ever. In all honestly, the liquor store is near a Fabricland that I rarely get to visit. They have a decent discount section and it’s never busy. Look what I found.


It’s a wool/silk blend suiting. Regularly $42/metre on for $12.60/metre!! Yeah, I know. I bought 3 metres which is enough for a skirt or maybe jacket. I wanted to buy more but fabric shopping in London is in the back of my mind.


It is a perfect neutral blue colour. You know the blue that goes with everything. Sort of denim colour but with a gorgeous sheen in the light. I can’t stop touching it.

Now how do I pre-shrink this?! The tag said dry clean only but…I don’t want to. I will never launder the finished product. Suggestions?

What I’m listening to: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala

17 thoughts on “Did you say 70% off?!

  1. That’s a fabulous piece! Try putting it in the dryer with a totally wet clean towel. The steam from the towel will pre-shrink the fabric. This works really well for most wool fabrics.

  2. Oh … that is lovely. I can’t wait to see what you make!
    My thoughts: I am a washing machine gal all the way – even if it says dry clean only. Try it in cold on a slow cycle and NO DRYER.

  3. Found great finds in the discount shelves in the Fabricland in London, Ontario. The one I frequent here in Toronto isn’t as good as the one in London….sigh…

    • Funny how that happens. It’s like Winner’s/Home Sense. Some have great stuff and others…meh.
      Toronto does have some great fabric stores, right? They may not be near you. I am planning to check out the Toronto fabric scene in July or August.

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