No one can say I am scared of commitment


I started the year by committing to completing one project per month. 12 in 12. See the first 6 planned projects here.

Then I signed on for a Sewing Dare. I was given the challenge of stash-busting by sewing something from my stash and giving another item away. I have plans for my blue lace and held a giveaway for some stretch cotton that I have just never stitched up.

Now I’ve agreed to Fearless February with Victoria, where we get over our sewing fears and tackle a project that takes us out of our comfort zone. I tied this challenge into my own February goal of completing my velvet coat. I’m going to attempt bound buttonholes and nice finishing. I want to really take my time. It will likely take longer than a month but I’m okay with that.


There you go! For someone who doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions I have a lot of resolutions.

P.S. I kinda forgot that I also signed up for Karen’s Sewlutions. I committed to sewing well-fitting trousers this year. D’oh!

What I’m listening to: Disco 2000 by Pulp

5 thoughts on “No one can say I am scared of commitment

  1. Brave you!! I haven’t attempted velvet yet, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing your coat, as I know it’s going to be absolutely beautiful!! Well worth taking the extra time for! ^__^

  2. 3 Hours Past (Steph C) is awesome if you get to the well fitted trouser project and need a little guidance. She’s a serious pants-guru.
    I love the idea of the velvet coat. I love seeing other peoples coats but I really haven’t felt the pull to do it myself. I think I just don’t have the perseverence for a long project these days.

    • Thanks for the hint. I made one pair of pants. Never wear them anymore. They were okay but not really fitted.
      I love the look of Gertie’s coat pattern. And I still love my Lady Grey so… I should love this coat. We’ll see.

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