A Little House(blog)keeping, and, some Fringe Clarification

Just to clarify, Michelle Obama’s fringe/bangs debuted January 17th.


Funnygrrl’s debuted on January 7th.  They were actually cut on November 16th but whatevs.  I’m just saying, you’re welcome, Michelle.

funnygrrl bangs

I have a giveaway going on!  But I forgot to add a close date.  I’ve randomly chosen Saturday, January 26th at midnight.  Just cuz.  I will update the post.

Also, I changed my blog theme.  I like that not all photos and posts load in full.  Viewers can click to read more.  The photo section makes me realize that I need to take better quality photos.  It is such a nice feature for blogs with great photos.  Do you like the new theme?  Hate it?  Indifferent?

I am slowly working on my polka-dot Alma Blouse.  My sewing room has been commandeered for the last few weeks by company and the guy who helps pay the mortgage…hubby.  Things get back to normal, more or less, this week.  I hope to finish up the blouse by next weekend.  I think it is going to be a stunner.

Do you ever have to share space for sewing?  How do you manage?  Have other things crept into your dedicated space? 

What I’m listening to: Stubborn Love by The Lumineers (how great were they on SNL?!)


15 thoughts on “A Little House(blog)keeping, and, some Fringe Clarification

  1. When we were in a one bedroom apartment, a friend commented that it looked like a guy’s apartment with a sewing machine in the corner. One requirement of buying the house was space for me to sew and craft and store all of my stuff. However, the lack of storage space in the house has ended up with my sewing room being the place we shove a lot of stuff when people are around. That 24 roll of toilet paper that doesn’t fit in the linen closet? In my room. Extra boxes of kleenex? My room. Grandma’s cross and olive wine glasses? Sigh, my room. So I’m not sharing it with people, I’m sharing it with stuff.

    • It is tough to share with stuff. I likely need to organize things better.
      That being said, I know some sew in dingy basements and on dining room tables. I’m very grateful!
      I think hub has noticed that I’ve been a tad irritable since I haven’t been getting my stitching time…

      • Totally one of those that sews on a dining room table, and conveniently find the time to do so in PRIME holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter so there is a lot of packing up and unpacking of projects….and maybe the odd straight pin in a guests foot – awkward.

        Also TOTALLY obsessed with The Lumineers on SNL doing Stubborn Love…I’ve probably youtube’d it 50 times!!

        Hope you’re not too cold! 😉

      • I have spotted pins in odd places when company is here. Discreetly pick up without them noticing… I have yet to stab one of them.
        I hate packing up mid-project. Major pet peeve. Of course I work so slow. Now I’m back in my sewing room!
        It is cold here but snow is gone. And it is January so…
        Lumineers was one of my faves from 2012!

      • My mom sews in the basement. The WHOLE basement, at least the side that isn’t crawl space, she’s got sprawl down to a science. The big room has a pool table covered with a ping pong table cover, a nice flat surface for cutting. She stores most of her fabric in that room. Her serger used to live there too. In the middle is a the laundry room with her ironing board and if the pool table has too much stuff on it, then she can cut smaller things on the top of the freezer (or at least, I did because I didn’t want to move her stuff on the pool table). Then between the landing and Dad’s workroom (which has no insulation so doubles as a cold-ish room) is a little nook for her sewing machine and boxes of notions. Growing up with her sewing like that, I never thought of the basement as a bad thing but now I can see how the lighting isn’t great. It was the coolest part of the house in the summer and she could keep an eye (well, ear) on us playing in the kid-side of the crawl space.

    • Thank you! I felt the blog needed a change. I only pick the free themes and this was my fave. I’m on a real orange kick in home dec and everywhere…
      I love my bangs! A coworker told me I looked younger so obvs I’ll be keeping them forever!

  2. I love your bangs—you make me want some!!!! Your new blog layout is cool too!!! “You need to take better pics”—whatever!!! You do a fabulous job in that department already!

  3. My sewing room doubles as our office, so I share it with hubs. One side has my sewing stuff, the other, our desk. For the most part, all the odds and ends get piled up on the desk, so it doesn’t interfere with sewing! The real space hog though is the dog. He likes to plop his 90 pound self down right in the middle of my sewing area.

    Oh and, I totally second how great the Lumineers were on SNL. I can’t get enough of them right now.

    • I didn’t share a room growing up so I still find it hard to share. At least that’s my excuse. : /
      You can’t fault a dog buddy who wants to be around you. Must be a nice greeter when you get home!
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Ha! Comment to Michelle is hilarious! You didn’t even know how far ahead of the game you were. Lol. I don’t know about your old theme, but this one is pretty cool. I like the simplicity of it. I so understand about having better quality photos. When I was looking around in the theme section I purposely stayed away from those that showcase photos. My skills just aren’t there, and I am quite alright with starting where I am.

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