Finished: Dancing with Myself Dress (New Look 6910)





I completed this dress awhile ago but was hoping for photos out and about. Remember Stein said it was a dress that needed to be taken out.


I ended up just turning on my new orange record player and using the self-timer.


Sam Cooke was one of our first vinyl purchases. Love everything by him.


The shoes got cut off but deserved their own portrait.

I liked this project. The fabric is perfect and I love the high neckline. The bow is on a belt. The pattern called for the belt to be sewn on but I preferred being able to remove it. Not much else to say. J’adore!

What I’m listening to: Twistin’ the Night Away by Sam Cooke


12 thoughts on “Finished: Dancing with Myself Dress (New Look 6910)

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