Back to Vancouver (and finally Victoria)!

(photo courtesy

I was just there in July for work but Stein and I are heading back for vacation!  This trip will be so much better since I’m sharing it with my hubby.  He is making serious business of finding restaurants and other attractions.  My goal is to get back to Dressew.  Hopefully I can find my velvet!

(photo courtesy

Anyway, we are there for just 2 nights and then headed to Victoria for 3 nights, which in on Vancouver Island.  We have never been to “The Island”.  Always wanted to go but the lure of US music festivals and cross-border shopping has drawn us south.  Finally we will experience Vancouver Island and see our good friends who went to the Island as 2 and are now a family of 3 somehow…  🙂

Enjoy your weekend and for Canadians your long weekend.  If you see your family tell them that you love them.  Everything else is gravy when you are surrounded by your loved ones.  Mmmm…gravy…

What I’m listening to: Cheerleader by St. Vincent

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