Simplicity Customer Service and Non-sewing Stuff

Not much to show on the sewing front. I’ve been working on the New Look 6910 bodice. One interesting thing was the mistake on the bodice front pattern piece.

See how it asks you to cut one on fabric and one on interfacing? Well, there are no follow-up instructions for the interfacing in the 4 pages of instructions. And it doesn’t tell you to cut out a lining piece. So I knew something was off.

So I sent an email to the customer service listed on the instructions sheet. Did they respond? Yes! In under 45 minutes!

“Thank you for writing. We would be happy to assist you with any of your questions regarding pattern 6910. We sincerely apologize as there was an error in the text on your pattern piece. The pattern piece should state to cut one on the fold of fabric and 1 on the fold of your lining. There is no need for interfacing for this garment. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused. We hope this information helps and if you should need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for using Simplicity patterns.”

Great customer service! I was able to continue on my garment within the hour.

In other non-sewing stuff…

I worked with Brenda a number of years ago. She made Happy Hippy soap then and I would buy it from her at the office. Well, as things happen, she left the company, then I left the company and we lost touch.

Shortly after we moved into our new place hubby and I were using shower gel that the previous owner had left and my hubby said, “What happened to that hippy soap? I loved that stuff.” As you do, I googled Happy Hippy and found Brenda again. Now she is living the dream on an island off the Vancouver coast, making soap and hanging out with artists. I order 10 bars at a time. My fave (today) is Tangerine Dream, hubby’s is John Lemon. She also makes bath bombs and lip balm.

I asked her if I could feature her here. I get nothing out of this. I just love her products. I leave them stacked in the bathroom as the scents are amazing. I admire people like her who make hand-made items, sewing and otherwise, and people who have a dream and take the leap. (I reconnected with a high school friend from Ontario a few years ago. She asked what I was up to. When I said that I lived here and was married without kids she said, “Just like you always planned since high school! You wanted to live out west and be married with no kids!” Folks, I’m living my dream!?)


Anyway, Stein, the hubby, made pizza on the BBQ tonight. As if I could love him anymore…



What I’m listening to: I Want To Love You by Michael Rault


2 thoughts on “Simplicity Customer Service and Non-sewing Stuff

  1. It is amazing when you realize you are living your goals! I always think I won the lottery – a great job, my health, friends and hubby, what more is there? Oh yeah, sewing!

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