The Tale Concludes and Pattern Pyramid Preference

Some follow-up from prior posts. Thank you so much for your responses to my poll on a tale of two dresses. The lead choice is the New Look in the black and white.


After posting the poll I pondered which I would prefer. I kept going back to the New Look. I clearly saw it in the navy and white polka dots with a red belt. I also realized that I wouldn’t want to use the geometric print for the Cambie. So I cut out the black and white geometric print for the New Look Version C. I’m super excited!

In other follow-up news. I have sent off the Pattern Pyramid package to Sue in Australia…back to Australia since they were sent to me from there!


I kept the Simplicity 4379. I did a little research. Looks like it is from 1953. I will have to grade up from 34 bust to about 38. Looking forward to the process and learning the skill that could open up a world of vintage patterns!

Thank you for all your comments on the potential dresses. I loved checking out the other Cambie versions. Hope you see a finished dress from me in a week or so.

What I’m listening to: Five Seconds by Twin Shadow (XMU Exclusive)


7 thoughts on “The Tale Concludes and Pattern Pyramid Preference

  1. I really like the New Look pattern. Is it old or did you pick it up recently? I’m just trying to figure out if I would be able to get it when I drive out to the fabric store…

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