Daydream Sewing: Blue Lace Dress

*Daydream Sewing is similar to Fantasy Sewing, I think, but with a slightly greater chance of fulfillment…maybe?

I was on going through some photos from designers Fall 2012 runway collections and saw this from Valentino.


Gorgeous, right? I got to thinking about lace dresses. I have a blue lace that I bought while in California in April.


I have hesitated in starting any plans for it because I wasn’t sure I wanted a full blue lace dress. I know I don’t want a lace skirt or another lace blouse.

Once I saw the Valentino I got to thinking that I could make a dress with princess seams using lace for the centre (and back?) pieces and a crepe fabric for the sides.


Carolina Herrera crepe dress with plunging lace centre. This is just to show the crepe with lace. I want more lace than this.

A dress pattern that I have that has princess seams is this one.


My Garden Party Dress. Could I use my blue lace for the centre and use a solid blue crepe-type fabric for the sides? Will it look silly? I feel like the crepe has to be an exact match for colour or completely different. But I don’t want it to look like 2 dresses sewn together. I love the Valentino with the satin but, seriously, if I don’t have a place to wear a full lace dress, do I have somewhere to wear a satin and lace dress?!

No decisions made yet. Just a few ideas floating around.

What do you think? Am I way off with this idea?

What I’m listening to: How Long Must I Wait by Dr. Dog


12 thoughts on “Daydream Sewing: Blue Lace Dress

  1. I like the idea of a princess-seam dress with the middle panels (front and back?) all lace. I agree, though, the colour match would have to be perfect (which would look amazing) or totally different. Although you could always (or would presumably?) underline the lace area in the same colour as the sides, so that would tie it in a little bit. Anyway, sounds fun! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous Valentino as is the Hererra, too… great sources for inspiration!
    Be bold and wear your lace dress grocery shopping… it’s all in your mindset. 🙂

    • Ha ha! I am perpetually overdressed but I will get more wear out of it if I make it a little more day wear-ish.
      I only get inspiration from the best. 😉
      Thanks for commenting!

      • I live in a part of the country where people wear blue jeans to the symphony and pj’s and flip-flops to the grocery store so I figure anything goes and that means in all directions.
        I agree though, you have to be somewhat practical. Have fun!

  3. The fabrics that are so insipring and lovely to purchase are sometimes the hardest to decide what to do with. I like the idea of the inserts and I like Tanit-Isis idea of using the solid fabric behind it to look more cohesive because colour match is going to be important.

    • I know! I hated to put my modest cotton lace next to that gorgeous Valentino…even just in a blog post! Oh to work with fabric of that calibre.
      Perhaps there is a Funnytino dress in my future.

  4. I would make an all lace sheath dress with this (underline the body and leave the short sleeves lace only) and wear it dressed down with a jean jacket and flats, or dressy when the occasion calls for it.

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