The Next Project


Here is what I plan to make next. Obviously a summer dress but I think the fabric will help to carry it through into fall. Also the high neckline makes it perfect for work.

I’ll test the bodice fit by cutting and stitching up the lining. It’s not a perfect solution for a muslin but this pattern seems to have quite a bit of ease so it will do.

Just for fun, here is a view from my walk to work.


It takes 30 minutes but it is through a park and over a river. Very pretty.

What are you working on?

What I’m listening to: Unto Caesar by Dirty Projectors


7 thoughts on “The Next Project

  1. That’s a rather busy print, I love the colours.

    I’m not sure what’s next. With my bra breaking, that would be a logical next project. I have lots of fabric as inspiration, but I’m not sure. I should make up Pendrell as I bought the pattern ages ago and I have fabric in mind. I’m not so good at starting projects it seems.

    • It is a busy print but I love the colours in it too! I couldn’t resist!
      I have not attempted undergarments yet. Knowing me I’d be showing everyone “Look what I made!”
      Starting and wearing are easy for me. It’s finding the time to actually get it done that is the problem.

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