Ruffle Hems

I have been known to see a cute outfit on the street and snap a quick iPhone photo for reference.  Recently I saw a woman wearing a pencil skirt with a double ruffle hem.  It was so classic but unique at the same time.  I didn’t have time to get my iPhone out and take the photo so the image is only burned on my brain.

I looked for a similar skirt on google using “pencil skirt double ruffle hem” as my search criteria.  Here are the closest.

So, it didn’t really look anything like the first photo but it shows you the double ruffle clearly.  The skirt was more business-style.  More like the second photo but I think the hem was longer in the back, like the ruffle got wider slightly.

Anyway, the point of my rambling is to show a little bit of where ideas come from…it’s usually from the street.  What other real women are wearing.  (Okay, sometimes I’m inspired by celebrities.)  For example, I recently snapped this photo of my friend, LQ.  I liked the ruffle detail on her skirt.

Now to find a pattern since I’m not good enough to draft my own yet…

Where do you get ideas?  Inspiration?  Do you make it right away or does it percolate in your mind for a while?

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15 thoughts on “Ruffle Hems

  1. The pics you show remind me of Simplicity 4091, which I found at the thrift store a week or two back… If you can make a 14 work (which is the largest size on the envelope, I haven’t actually checked if it was cut, though) you’re welcome to it! 😉

    • Looks like Simplicity calls it a “flounce”. Time for another term definition? Ruffle v. Flounce?
      What is the hip measurement on the 14? Just to give me some idea of how much grading I would have to do…

      • Ok, so the skirt pattern is cut to the size 14. According to an the envelope that’s for a 38″ hip; the pattern finished measurements are supposed to be 40 1/2″ (and yet have 3″ ease… not quite sure about their math there…) However, it’s not a terribly old pattern (2006), if you don’t want to grade but do want to try it I’m sure you can find it somewhere.

        And it sounds like you already got the flounce/ruffle thing figured out. 🙂

    • Attached to the lining…interesting.
      That skirt is killer! I did’t think about contrasting colours. Afraid it would look too costumey. But that changes my thinking…
      Thanks for commenting!

    • Wow! I just looked up that book and skirt. Turns out a flounce is fitted exactly to the hem. A ruffle is gathered and attached. So a flounce has everything to do with shape and bias, right?

      • The pattern pieces for the flounce parts are almost a perfect semicircle, so yes, I would say so! 🙂 A ruffle would be a piece gathered into another piece, rather than fitted.

  2. I do the same thing! I’m always sneaking pictures in stores of various pieces that inspire me. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to take a picture of another person without asking, but its the same idea.

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