Finished: Garden Party Dress, and a Meet-up!


Say what?! Two bloggers for the price of one!

Last time Tanit-Isis and I met up for some fabric shopping and serger lusting, I passed on some fabric that I was gifted. Tanit-Isis had her choice of linens, black on white or white on black. I was happy to get the black…though I love the white too.


Taking a picture of you taking a picture of me.


My dress is Butterick 5638. I added 3 inches to the length and didn’t have to hem because of the embroidered edge so it basically has 4 1/4 inches extra length. And it just reaches my knees. I decided on the sleeved version and just added the ruffle to the front and didn’t extend it all the way around the neck.

Of course, Tanit-Isis looks amazing in her white sundress. You can read her details here. We met up at a garden in the downtown core of our city. Basically had our own urban garden party.

Thanks to Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing for the length info. Her version of Butterick 5638 is gorgeous. Her tips were so helpful!


Love this one! “Taking garment photos in a public garden. Whatevs.” Enjoy the rest of your summer. TI! Thanks for the meet-up!

What I’m listening to: Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit


11 thoughts on “Finished: Garden Party Dress, and a Meet-up!

  1. Your dress looks fabulous! And so does Tanit-Isis’ white sundress. I love the poses. It’s great that you used the design of the fabric instead of making a hem…

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    • Thank you! I wouldn’t have bought the fabric, I must say. But it turned out well. Wore the dress again on the weekend and got lots of compliments. At least it assures you that you are on the right track.

  3. You two look awesome. I am still a little.. insecure with boarder prints. I don’t trust myself to be sure that the un-hemmable skirt is the right length and even. It adds to my adirmation on two dresses looking so smart.

    • I measured a dress that I liked the length on and then added length to the “finished measurement” on the pattern. I was nervous too but reading pattern reviews BEFORE cutting really helps.
      Give it a try on a skirt first!

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