Sewing Room, So Far

Here is my sewing room, so far. When I was away in Vancouver, hubby put up a chandelier. It’s the IKEA one with 3 bulbs, just like I wanted. He put the desk at an angle with the window behind me. Presumably for natural light, but there isn’t too much that makes it’s way through the wooded hill. But still the right place for the desk.


The bookcase is a continuing concern and will likely be constantly changing. Right now it has my already cut patterns in the teal box on top, books on the first shelf, fabric on the 2nd and 3rd, then notions and my new pattern box on the 4th shelf. The last 2 shelves have containers with my scrap fabric. I need to sit down one day, keep the good stuff and offer the rest on Kijiji for stuffing or quilting.


My new pattern box. Isn’t it pretty? I bought it at Dressew in Vancouver. As I was putting it together I thought it was just going to be a shoe box size. But it isn’t! It’s perfect height for standard size patterns! I put all my unused patterns in there. This is not the perfect system, just the one I am using now. (Pretty modest stash, am I right?)


I picked up a mirrored tray at a yard sale from a friend. She suggested putting perfumes on it for on top of my dresser but I have 1 perfume and it’s in a big wooden case… Anyway, I thought it would be perfect to hold all those little things that you need nearby when you are sewing. The seam ripper isn’t there because it has been in heavy use. More on that later. He would reside next to the magnetic pin cushion.

I almost forgot to mention my machines! Betsey, the Brother sewing machine, and Ellie, my Janome serger. I have plans for a small cutting table. (But is a small cutting table even worth it?) This room will have to do a little double duty and we will likely put a daybed in. This won’t hamper my ability to sew in here as I can sit on it to pin, prep, hand sew, etc. Or more likely, throw myself on it to cry my tears of frustration at whatever sewing issue I’m experiencing at the moment.

It’s coming along. What do you think?

As an added bonus, my husband replaced the standard round, boring light fixture in the closet with this:

What I’m listening to: Walking Far From Home by Iron & Wine

10 thoughts on “Sewing Room, So Far

  1. So exciting! I can’t comment on the feasibility of a small cutting table as I’m incapable of keeping even my rather large one clear (I don’t suppose you want a medium sized craft table? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    And yes, your stash is positively lean. Probably toned and athletic as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We just saw folding tables at Costco and I thought about it…I just like to lay all the pieces out on the floor so I get the whole vision. I’ll have to work in it awhile and see what works and doesn’t.
      Yes. My stash is lean and mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I bought a table intending to use it as a cutting table and folding it down when I didn’t need it. It’s still in the box as I seem to use my desk (the one that attaches to Expidit bookshelves) as a cutting board.
    I love the light fixtures. Mine is just the cheap ass square thing the builder would have put in. I’ve been thinking of upgrading the bulbs a bit but maybe I should think about a new fixture.

    • Good clear light bulbs are great for any working room. The fixture in my sewing room was so tiny and on the ceiling. I love my new light!
      If we put a day bed in, it will one of the IKEA ones. I may be able to put a board on top and use it as a temp cutting table. Not completely sure yet.
      A work in progress like everything else!

    • Thanks! It is really open…until I clutter it with more stuff. The light fixture has completely changed the space.
      I was in there quite a bit this week and I love it.

  3. Your sewing room is bright and cheery and I envy you that. It is really shaping up nicely too. I love the shelves in the closet and a light fixture too. That closet is way better than the ones in my house. I have a table on wheels (purchased for $10 from a school that was closing down) for sewing on. This way I can move it out of the way when I need too. From the same school that I bought the table on wheels ( I really recommend a table on wheels!) I also bought a shelf with coat hooks. I put my scissors , my odds and ends on the hooks and the shelf carries everything else.

    • Table on wheels! Great idea.
      I’m trying to use my space and then determine what I need to make things work.
      I had the same thought about shelves with hooks. Plus some of them are really pretty.

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