Vogue Fall 2012, or, How to Style Completely Awkwardly

The new Vogue patterns are out! And the styling is…breathtaking.


The pose is so distracting from the garment.


I always needed a dress for lying in a window frame…Thanks, Vogue. But seriously, the rouching is nice. See the drawings.



Is she cold? Scared? Suffering from lower back pain?


It’s a nice, modern coat when a person stands like a person actually stands.


Is this posed like this we we can see the full seamed skirt?


The drawings actually show this more effectively. But the pose reminds me of this.


Still funny every time.

And now what I like.




Also can be made into a tunic. Love both.




Maybe not in this fabric but I love the shirt dress styling.



Ummm…what? Who chose the fabric? Who put this on this poor woman?

Anyway, what do you think? Tempted by anything? I will own that wrap dress with the draped collar at some point.

What I’m listening to: Toxic by District 78 (just watched So You Think You Can Dance)


10 thoughts on “Vogue Fall 2012, or, How to Style Completely Awkwardly

  1. Can’t… type…. laughing too hard….

    I think they need a bigger window frame so the models can stand up properly. I agree with your likes (particularly the dress & green tunic), and it’s sad they hid such a pretty ruched dress with a poor pose. I can see how it would be okay if that was the pose for the cover and there was something useful inside, but for that to be the only picture of a model… not so good.

    • Too be honest there are other photos but I just don’t find these poses make me want to wear the garments. Isn’t that the purpose?
      Let’s try these poses on our own posts!

  2. Odd backstory to the photo shoot: a rabid racoon got on set and kept throwing the klieg lights and acorns at the models, but being pressed for time, they kept shooting. Sort of explains the hands on heads, ducking poses- they were fleeing assault.

    • And the leaf is in EVERY PHOTO as if you have to have one to go with this bag! I thought that was odd too.
      Someone is getting paid to style/pose these?! I think there is far better in the sewing blogosphere!

  3. Hey Funnygrrl… models seem to have no dignity… really Vogue. Who is the photographer? Does he hate models, sewing, Vogue? What’s he got on Vogue… this must be blackmail. Hope Vogue wins the bet!(i.e. … Bet you wouldn’t make models make silly poses for the next release of patterns…
    Really? Don’t bet me…. Yep here’s what’s happened!

    • I don’t blame the models. They don’t have much choice if they want the job. It’s the photographer or stylist.
      They should take a few lessons from the Vogue the magazine.
      This new posing thing does seem to be the way things are heading with all McCall’s pattern photos. So weird.

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